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Improving Warehouse Usage and Pallet Movement

11 Oct 2017

If you own a warehouse, you probably already understand the importance of being space-efficient. This is because one warehouse can store a large amount if it is well organised, but a poorly organised warehouse of the same size won’t be able to fit as much in. Thankfully, you can make the most out of the space using pallet movement.

Here is how to improve the space in your warehouse so that you can store more items.

wooden pallets


Don’t Use Temporary Floor Racks

It can be tempting to leave a few temporary floor racks laying on the ground – after all, if you need a pallet there is one to hand, and it is easier to store stuff on the floor. Sadly, this vastly reduces floor space by taking up too much room, so you should use pallet movement to stack the spare pallets.

Assess Your Space

Sit down and work out how big your warehouse is in terms of capacity. Ask yourself these questions. How many wood pallets can you currently store? Could you store more if you changed the current storage system?

Think About Aisle Widths

Are your warehouse aisles wide or narrow? Many warehouses can increase their storage space by making the aisles slightly smaller, but it is important to make sure that they are still wide enough to move products down without their becoming damaged.

Look Up

Warehouses have a lot of vertical storage space, and you should definitely take advantage of this using pallet racking if you find that you need extra storage space.

Consider Combining Locations

If you use two small warehouses to store your products, you may benefit from using one larger warehouse instead, as this can reduce your overall expenses.

Look at Your Department Space

Most warehouses have a department space that doesn’t need a high ceiling, so you should ensure that your department space isn’t taking up any valuable storage space. If it is, consider moving the department space to a smaller room within the warehouse.

Think About Using an Off-Site Location

If you have too much stock for your warehouse but not enough stock to warrant hiring another warehouse, you could consider hiring a smaller off-site location to store the stock. Alternatively, you could store the stock at another building you are already paying to rent, such as an office building.

It is easy to increase your warehouse space by using pallet movement and off-site areas – just sit down and create a solid plan.

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