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Summertime Pallet Ideas

16 Apr 2015

Wooden pallets are not just useful as a practical method of storage and transportation. They are also great to use in DIY projects around the home and garden. With the weather improving and summer just around the corner, there are a number of ways in which you can utilise them in the garden with just a little bit of creativity.

Wood is an exceptionally durable material, and pallets manufactured from timber can last a long time. However, even these come to the end of their useful life in the logistics sector eventually, but this doesn’t mean that they have to be thrown away. They can still have their uses and are ideal as a base for garden and outdoor projects.

Perfect Raised Bed

At this time of the year, many gardeners are planting seeds and bulbs. Wooden pallets can make an ideal raised bed, especially if you enjoy growing your own vegetables and fruit. Creating a bed from a pallet will help to protect the seeds from the elements and wildlife. It also makes access to the area easier for planting, weeding, caring for the produce and picking it.

Creating Your Own

If you’re looking to convert a wooden pallet into a raised bed, then the majority of the tools and materials you’ll require are easy to get hold of. The work can be carried out over a day or so, and at the end of the project you’ll have your own unique raised bed to fill.

The number of pallets you’ll require depends on the size of the bed you want to achieve. However, anything between two and ten pallets should be sufficient to start with. Before you start, you should gather together all the appropriate tools, including a hammer, electric drill, screwdriver, box cutter, staple gun and measuring tape. You’ll also need some nails, wood screws, mending plates and black plastic sheeting to line the bed.

Caring for Your Wooden Bed

When you make a raised bed out of reclaimed wooden pallets, it’s important that you know what you’re using. The wood you use should have been treated to ISPM15 regulations, which will help to prevent the spread of invasive pests. These can be transported across the globe on untreated pallets and then cause considerable damage if they’re introduced to a new country. The problem of pests can be more of an issue in the springtime, so it’s vital that you follow all the correct procedures before you begin.

Environmentally Friendly

We all try to do our bit for the environment, and even making small changes can have a significant impact. By using old pallets again rather than simply destroying them, you’ll be using up fewer natural resources and helping to maintain the global forests. Timber is a precious commodity, and using too much of it could affect the sustainability of the material. Reusing the items also limits the environmental damage caused by the manufacturing or recycling process.

Once you’ve created your wooden raised bed, it can be reused year after year, providing you with plenty of opportunities to enjoy your own produce.

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