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Standard Pallets Eastleigh

19 Jul 2021

standard pallets eastleigh

Standard size UK pallets come in 12000 X 1000mm, which makes them ideal for transportation and storage in Eastleigh. We supply a wide range of standard pallets, both new and used. This will give you a variety of options when it comes to  your requirements and budgets. You can rest assured, Associated Pallets have got you covered. You can purchase our standard size pallets on our website – We even offer next day delivery! (subject to terms and conditions). Buy your standard size pallets on our website today!

The standard pallet sizes are based on the ISO, or International Organisation for Standardisation. This is where pallet sizes are approved so they are fit for export. With different regions having their own standard sizes of wooden pallets, global and international trade are much easier. This is because the pallets don’t have to be unloaded and reloaded which can prove to be costly for businesses. Wherever you do ship your pallets, it’s fundamental to check the pallet sizes that are required for that entry point.

The standard size pallets come in a variety of load capacities. This means they are perfect for transporting your goods to and from Eastleigh. They are also superb in storing your goods in an efficient way. The standard size pallets mean they are all uniform, so will stack up neatly. Our various pallet types and sizes will be suited to your needs, as you can explore the full range of our website. We supply around the UK & Ireland, offering secure delivery. You are welcome to get in touch with our team if you are bulk ordering or if you have any questions.

New Standard Pallets

Our new standard size wooden pallets come with superior performance. The wood is sourced from sustainable woodlands. This means that despite being newly made pallets, they aren’t negatively affecting the environment. We always offer competitive rates for our pallets. Our competitive prices don’t mean we compromise on quality, as the pallets are durable, low maintenance and fit for purpose.

Used Standard Pallets

Used standard pallets are reconditioned so you don’t have to worry about the quality. As they are pre-owned, they are incredibly cost effective – they can be up to 60% less than new wooden pallets. As part of our environmental promise, we try to refurbish all the pallets that are up to our standards for re-use. Standard used wooden pallets are used widely throughout the UK.

standard pallets eastleigh

Benefits Of Standard Pallets

The efficiency of standard pallets will ensure our Eastleigh customers are making a worthwhile purchase. They are incredibly easy to move around warehouses as they are compatible with all standard handling equipment. Not only does this increase productivity, but it also helps reduce costs.


Eastleigh customers can rest assured the standard pallets are manufactured to a fantastic quality. The result of this is a pallet that can be used to withstand heavy loads, acting as a durable container for any goods. With a lightweight structure, they can be easily handled, yet can hold a variety of weights. They are incredibly robust and are fabricated for optimum weather resistance. The material is also safer to work with given it is not prone to chipping or exposing workers to sharp splinters, corners or nails.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s important now more than ever to choose a pallet that can help benefit the ecosystem. Our standard pallets can be reused again and again once they reach the end of their lifespan. We are making a conscious effort to prevent landfill. We sold around 245,000 refurbished wooden pallets that were put back into service in 2019. We also sent approximately 36 tonnes of scrap wood to be turned into wood chip which can then be used for many other uses.

Standard Pallets Eastleigh

Eastleigh customers can purchase our standard new and used wooden pallets on our website today. Just visit our products section and go to our secure checkout. We supply a wide range of standard new and used wooden pallets. Not only are these great for shipping, but they are a superb solution for all of your storage needs. You are welcome to call our freephone on 03301 757766 to speak to our team directly. We understand each customer has a specific budget, so we work closely with you to find the ideal solution.

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