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A Guide to Improving the Storage in your Home

27 Aug 2015

Creating a tidy and organised environment at home can often prove challenging. No matter how much space you have or how much clutter you have amassed over the years, finding appropriate storage solutions is your easiest and most effective option. There are lots of creative and cost-effective storage ideas to consider, so even the most reluctant of hoarders should be able to free up some much-needed space at home.


Your first step to a clutter-free home is to conduct a thorough and ruthless audit of your possessions. Sort items into things that you need and use regularly, those that you seldom use and those that have been gathering dust for six months or longer.

Decide if you can live without those items that you have not used for six months or longer. This could be clothes, toys, books, homeware items or even larger items such as furniture. Consider donating to friends and family or a charity, selling on online auction sites or disposing of carefully in the appropriate manner. Store away those items that you seldom use in boxes or on a used wood pallet in the attic or garage. If they remain untouched over the next year, re-evaluate whether you should consider finding a new home for these items, too.

De-cluttering is an exercise that should be conducted regularly to keep a home looking tidy and organised. Get all of the family involved, including youngsters, who are renowned for holding on to toys and games that they have long since outgrown.


In conjunction with giving your home a de-clutter, put your creative hat on and think about ways that you can reuse or recycle those possessions that you can not bear to get rid of. Repurposing one item into another item to give it a new function is a great way to add unique style to your home whilst also helping to do your bit for the planet by not sending items to landfill.

There are lots of inspiring repurposing, or upcycling, ideas around on the internet or in interior design magazines as this trend continues to grow, but you can also think about creating something original for inside the home and outside in the garden. Used wooden pallets, for instance, are incredibly versatile and are a dream for anyone looking to upcycle. They can easily and stylishly be transformed into a coffee table, storage box or shoe rack, for instance. Used wooden pallets also make great container beds for the garden, and with a bit of DIY know-how can be turned into a shelf, cabinet or a wine-glass holder. You can paint or add fabrics to a used wood pallet so that it hardly resembles what it once used to be to create a unique and functional item for the home.

Think outside the box when it comes to repurposing pre-used items. Cartons and containers, tin cans and even old Wellington boots that kids have outgrown can make attractive plant-pot containers for the garden, for example. You do not necessarily have to be skilled at DIY to have a go at recycling items for the home and getting on top of the clutter.

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