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TPN Upgrade Their Tracking Systems

18 Oct 2014

The Pallet Network (TPN) is well known among transport companies as a centralised network handling pallet distribution. Now TPN has upgraded its tracking systems to better facilitate their efforts to ensure efficient distribution of pallets across the UK.

Who Are TPN?

The Pallet Network is made up of member companies from the transport industry which are all individually independent. The TPN offers service from its centralised hub, picking up pallets and consignments from their customers, consolidating them in the hub, and then redistributing the shipments most effectively with the most regional logistics member. Once the pallets are ready for distribution and the areas in need of them have been identified, they are loaded on to vehicles which are travelling to that area.

This allows the distribution of pallets to be handled far more efficiently than it could be if the companies operated separately in this regard. By having pallets handled, distributed and shipped from a single central hub, the process is quicker and much more efficient. Money and fuel are both saved, and overall the process takes less time and involves less human effort.

The Changes

One of the key changes that TPN has implemented is a switch to a new handheld system. This change has enabled drivers to scan 2D barcodes at a much longer range. They now use Intermec CK71 handhelds — a durable and feature-heavy model from Peak-Ryzex. As well as the handhelds themselves, TPN have invested in a number of software and accessory packages to ensure they have a full range of capabilities, as well as a number of Manage Mobility Services from Peak-Ryzex to ensure a smooth transition to the new systems.

2D barcodes form part of TPN’s strategy to further streamline their process through the use of technology. 2D barcodes can contain a significant amount of information, including details of a package, the destination for which it is bound and the place in which it should be stored while at TPN’s central hub. This information is then instantly transmitted with a single scan. By allowing it to be scanned at greater distances, the new handhelds have made on-site operations significantly quicker and easier.

According to TPN’s Commercial Director, Mark Duggan, “Peak-Ryzex provides TPN with a single point of contact for our scanning solution, which is extremely important for the smooth running of our system.” Duggan went on to say: “Our business relationship with Peak-Ryzex is much deeper than simply as a hardware supplier because the company provides such a comprehensive solution in an area so central to TPN’s operations.”

Peak-Ryzex Europe Managing Director, Damian Penney, said that his company “has successfully implemented hundreds of systems within the transport and distribution market”. He added that it is therefore adept at understanding the individual needs of unique customers such as TPN.

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