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Wooden Pallets To Make Furniture

02 Jun 2023

wooden pallet furniture

Did you know that wooden pallets can be repurposed in all sorts of creative ways? As they are constructed with long boards of timber, nails, and glue, wooden pallets are easy to take apart for their raw materials. 

If you have any used or unwanted wooden pallets lying around, discover some of the fun DIY projects you could do with Associated Pallets! Below, we’ve listed just a few ways to repurpose your pallets and avoid them ending up in landfills.

Wooden Planters

An easy way to get into using wooden pallets to make furniture is wooden planters. They can make an excellent addition to any garden or patio for summer and are a great and creative project for kids to join in on! 

Learn more about how to make wooden planters using pallets on our other blog here. Alternatively, use our more straightforward tutorial blog that utilises wooden crates, also available for purchase, new and used on our website.

Shoe Rack

A shoe rack is another piece of furniture that can be made using wooden pallets. Everyone needs a place to store their shoes, and with wooden pallets, you can make any size rack that can fit within your unique space. The project can be incredibly simple to start, requiring only one wooden pallet. Plus, we can provide used wooden pallets for a cost effective solution that can let you get into pallet DIY.

With the right tools, it can be easy to cut to shape the timber boards used in wooden pallets to create a compact shoe rack that can be stored behind a front or back door or within a shoe cupboard.

Garden Chairs

An intermediate wooden pallet furniture project, garden and patio furniture can also be a fun and exciting use for your unneeded wooden pallets. Perfect for summer get-togethers, all it takes is a few tools and joinery skills to cut the pallets apart and nail or glue them together again. You can use existing wooden chairs as a fantastic reference for the size required for the legs, seat, and back, and with the addition of a couple of blankets, duvets, and pillows, your patio or garden can be ready for the sunny weather!

Swimming Pool

Wooden pallets can be used to make a lot more than just standard furniture. With enough wooden pallets, you can make your own sturdy swimming pool! By arranging the pallets upright and connecting them in an octagonal, rectangular, or square shape, you can easily create sturdy walls to support a watertight pool sheet. Just nail, pin, or glue the sheet inside the pallet shape and secure the whole thing to a sturdy floor of wooden boards.

Using any excess pallets and planks, you can even build accessories for the pool, like a table to place drinks and toys or a set of wooden stairs that can allow easy access in or out of the pool. Once you’re done building, just fill it with water and have fun in the sun!

Next Day Delivery On Wooden Pallets

Do you need wooden pallets fast to complete your DIY furniture project? Then make your orders with Associated Pallets today before 12:00 pm and enjoy expedient next day delivery on all your wooden pallets, crates, and accessories! Find out more about our comprehensive delivery and returns policy on our website.

Thanks to our handy checkout system, placing your orders with Associated Pallets is easy. All it takes is a few clicks to get everything from Euro pallets, standard and non standard sizes, wraps, collars, and crates! If you have a particularly large order or unique specification, use our free quoting engine to get you a quote in just a few minutes.

Collection & Recycling Service

Finished with your DIY project but still got some unnecessary pallets left over? Then give us a call or fill out our online collection form. At Associated Pallets, we are dedicated to reducing waste in the pallet industry and pride ourselves on our ability to refurbish, reuse, and recycle wooden pallets and crates. Depending on your location and the types of pallets you can offer, we might even be able to pay you, so there’s no reason to let your wooden pallets go to waste.

Find more fun ways to recycle your pallets with the rest of our blogs on our website here

Wooden Pallet Prices

Call us today at 03301 757766, or fill out our online contact form if you have any questions about our wooden pallets and services. Use our quoting engine for a fast and accurate quote for all your bespoke orders. Our recycling and collection service is ready to take any unwanted pallets off your hands to ensure that we help create a sustainable environment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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