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Wooden or Plastic Pallets?

08 Mar 2023


When it comes to transporting goods as a business, one of the most critical decisions to make is the type of pallet you will use.

Pallets are an essential component of logistics and supply chain management. They are used to support goods during transportation and storage, making it easier to move large quantities of goods with very little effort.

Two popular materials used for making pallets are wood and plastic. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages, but wooden pallets remain the most widely used today due to being cheaper, but the price isn’t the only factor you should think about when making your decision!

At Associated Pallets, we specialize in supplying wooden and plastic pallets to businesses all over the UK. Established in 1991, we’ve built a reputation for providing high-quality pallets at affordable prices.

We also offer a range of other services, including pallet collection, recycling, and refurbishment. Get in touch with us at 03301 757766 now to discuss your exact pallet requirements! You can also check out this article, which notes the differences between wood and plastic pallets.

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Benefits of Wooden Pallets

So, wooden or plastic pallets? The type you end up choosing will depend on your business’ specific needs. There are a few differences between the two types of pallets, and we’ll be exploring them further in this article.

Low Cost

Wooden pallets are cost-effective. They are cheaper to manufacture compared to plastic pallets, and the cost savings are often passed on to the customer. This makes wooden pallets an attractive option for businesses looking to keep their logistics costs low.


Wooden pallets are strong and durable. They can withstand heavy loads and are less likely to break or crack during transportation. This makes them ideal for transporting heavy goods, such as construction materials, machinery, and automotive parts.

Easy to Make

Wooden pallets are readily available. Wood is a natural resource that is widely available, making it easy to source and manufacture pallets. This means that businesses can quickly and easily obtain the pallets they need, without having to wait for long lead times.

Environmentally Friendly

Pallets made of wood are recyclable and biodegradable. Unlike plastic pallets, which take hundreds of years to decompose, wooden pallets can be easily recycled or repurposed. They can also be used as a source of renewable energy, as they can be burnt to produce heat and electricity.


Wooden pallets can be made to specific sizes and shapes, making them ideal for businesses with unique transportation needs. They can also be branded with a company’s logo, making them a very useful marketing tool!

Plastic pallets

Benefits of Plastic Pallets

Now, while wooden pallets are the most widely used option, plastic pallets also offer many advantages for businesses. Here are some of the benefits of plastic pallets you should know about:


Plastic pallets are easy to clean and sanitize, making them ideal for businesses in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Unlike wooden pallets, they do not absorb moisture, dirt, or bacteria, which can cause contamination.


Plastic pallets are extremely durable and can withstand heavy loads without breaking or cracking. They are also resistant to impact, chemicals, and weathering, making them ideal for use in harsh environments.


Plastic pallets are manufactured to precise specifications, ensuring consistency in size and weight. This makes them ideal for businesses with automated warehouses and supply chains, as they can be easily handled by machinery.


Plastic pallets have a longer lifespan than wooden pallets, as they do not rot, splinter, or warp over time. This means that they can be used for longer periods, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Environmentally Friendly

While plastic pallets are not biodegradable, they are recyclable. They can be recycled into new products or converted into energy, making them a more sustainable option than wooden pallets.

Associated Pallets Wooden Pallets

Our company offers a range of wooden pallets to suit different transportation needs.

We offer new, reconditioned, and recycled pallets in a variety of sizes and styles. If you’re after bespoke pallets, we’ve got those in store too.  Simply tell us your requirements, and we’ll supply you with the exact wooden pallet you’re looking for.

Did you know that used pallets are a popular option for businesses looking for an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to new pallets? These pallets are made from high-quality recycled wood and are inspected and repaired to ensure they meet the latest industry standards.

Associated Pallets also offers a pallet collection service, which allows you to dispose of your unwanted pallets responsibly. We will come and collect your used pallets and either recycle or refurbish them, depending on their condition.


There are many benefits to using both wooden and plastic pallets for transportation and storage. While wooden pallets are cost-effective and easier to make, plastic pallets are more environmentally friendly and last longer. Ultimately, the choice you make on whether to purchase wooden or plastic pallets will depend on your business’ unique requirements.

To discuss your pallet options, contact us at 03301 757766 today! We are happy to provide you with a number of wooden pallets that suit your specific business needs, as well as a number of other services that will help you manage your pallets in an organized and effective way.

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