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The New EPAL Half Pallet

21 Sep 2014

The 800mm by 1200mm EURO pallet has become a reliable and favourite workhorse for European businesses. If well made and maintained, it can be easily recycled and re-used in pallet pools. But now a smaller pallet size is gaining traction: the European Pallet Association’s (EPAL’s) half pallet.

Convenient and Efficient

Large businesses have always favoured the traditional large pallet, if only for its efficiency in moving more goods in fewer journeys. But there are always some reasons for preferring a smaller version. Large businesses, as well as small ones, need to ship small quantities of some goods or even a small product. Large pallets make little economic sense if they are only used to a half or even a quarter of their capacity.

Transportation methods have also posed problems. Sometimes there is room left over on a trailer or lorry, but it isn’t enough for a full-size pallet. This is where a smaller size would be ideal.

Point-of-Purchase Displays

Another even more important application of smaller-sized pallets lies in point-of-purchase (POP) displays. For any type of retailer, from a supermarket to an upscale boutique, turning around a small pallet to display perfumes or patisserie is a far better option than wheeling goods around the shop floor for half a day.

Dimensions and Quality Assurance

The EPAL half pallet measures 800mm by 600mm. This is a better-made and higher-quality pallet than the current European “Dusseldorfer” model that is currently in widespread use. The “Dusseldorfer” model has not been independently quality-assured, while the new EPAL half pallet is fully quality-controlled and EPAL-endorsed.

This is a four-way half pallet tailor-made for specific industries, and especially for the food and drinks sector, where they are increasingly popular. There are also growing uses in the booming discount store sector, as well as other parts of the retail trade.

Easy Access

One of the most important features is the ability to access the pallet from all sides so that goods can be manoeuvred around different sales areas. This makes it easier when shifting things around using fork lift trucks. The half pallet still has a load-bearing strength that is proportional to the full-size pallet. Its maximum loading capacity is 500kg, compared with 1,000kg for the full-size version.

Weight and Stability

The half pallet weighs less than 10kg — a lower proportional weight than the 25kg full pallet. It has seven boards on its upper edge and six stringer and lower edge boards. All of these boards are 21mm wide. Additional stability is provided by six 3mm angle brackets made of steel. These protect the half pallet from any damage during daily use.

The half pallet is made of wood, as it is the best raw material that is also sustainable. It complies with the ISPM 15 international standard for wooden containers. It also has EPAL’s established logo marked on the exterior.

The half pallets can be changed easily to accommodate different articles on display.

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