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Where To Buy A Container With A Lid?

30 Nov 2023

wooden containers with lids

At Associated Pallets, you can get a range of storage containers, pallets, wraps, and more, all under one roof. If you are looking for where to buy a container with a lid, then check out our options below and get started with your order right away without having to wait for a quote, thanks to our ordering system. 

Crates & Containers With Lids

Our products can be manufactured in a range of bespoke sizes that allow you to get the correct container with a lid to suit your needs. Many of our wooden crates and containers can be lined to make them waterproof, making them ideal for containing or shipping liquids without fear of spillages soaking through. 

The timber we use to make our wooden crates and containers is durable and sustainably sourced so that your lidded container can last even after multiple uses and shipping trips. They are ISPM 15 certified because of our intensive yet noninvasive heat treatment, which ensures that all our containers with lids are free from pests while also keeping them free from harsh chemicals. You can buy a container with a lid that can be used for all sorts of purposes, including hygiene-sensitive ones, with total peace of mind. 

Timber containers with lids can also be easily painted in any conceivable hue. All it takes is some durable paint to make your container match your home or business aesthetic. 

Container With Dividers

If you’re looking for containers with lids and dividers, then our pallet collars could be the perfect cost-effective choice. Pallet collars can be stacked on top of each other to increase their depth, and between each of them, you could include one of our pallet collar lids, which would act as both lids and container dividers simultaneously.

When not in use, this container type can be collapsed for easy and clean storage, letting you get the most out of your available space. 

The container lids that we use are all made from high-quality plywood that is capable of keeping goods safe and secure. Our pallet collars can have their security further enhanced by purchasing our pallet collar stacking corners, which make stacking your collars much safer. 

Additionally, if you’re looking to buy a container with a lid that suits your company, then you’ll be happy to know that our pallet collars can be stamped with a logo of your choice. When combined with our pallets and plywood lids, this can make a branded container that lets you get your brand out there even when your products or goods are being shipped and stored!

Build A Pallet Box With A Lid

Here at Associated Pallets, we love seeing customers use our sustainably made products for DIY projects. A great way to make unique attached lid containers or boxes with lids to suit your business or personal needs is to build one yourself!

An easy method of doing this could be purchasing one of our pallet boxes or crates as well as one of our container or collar lids and then attaching them together via a hinge from a door or one of our pallet collars. However, for a genuinely unique size and shape, purchase from our cost-effective used wooden pallet range and you can take apart the timber and rearrange it into a box shape that fits your dimensions.

Find out more about our DIY projects, from making planters to building swimming pools and deck furniture. 

Next Day Crate And Lidded Container Delivery

We’re pleased to be able to provide next day national delivery for all of our products, including crates or containers with a lid, ordered before noon. Find out more about our delivery and returns policy, or start your order now so you can get your containers as soon as possible. 

Crate & Container With Lid Prices

Buy a wooden container with a lid by choosing from our range of crates, boxes, pallets, and collars now with our online checkout. For bespoke orders, use our free quoting engine or get in touch via our contact form. For immediate queries about our containers, crates, pallet boxes, and more, call us on 03301757766 and speak with a member of our team. 

Do you have old timber containers, lids, collars, or pallets that you no longer need? Use our collection and recycling service! There’s no need to let your timber go to waste, as anything we don’t refurbish and resell can be broken down to wood chips. 

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    Where To Buy A Container With A Lid?

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