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Wooden Pallets London

06 Jan 2023

Heat treated wooden pallet

We supply a wide range of high-quality wooden pallets for customers in London and the surrounding region. Our premium timber pallets are available in a broad array of different shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find something that fits your requirements. Whether you are looking to transport goods, storing products or just want something for decoration, we will have the right solution for you.

Our wooden pallets are carefully designed using premium materials and modern manufacturing techniques. We use our years in the industry and the skills gained to ensure you get a long lasting pallet for your business. Get in touch with us today and we will be on hand to talk you through our timber pallets and their many benefits.

New and Used

New Wooden Pallets

Our new wooden pallets are a long lasting way of storing and transporting items. Our entire range of new pallets are fabricated to the highest ISO (International Organization for Standardization) specifications. These timber pallets can also all be supplied fully ISPM15 Heat Treated for exporting to countries outside the European Union.

We offer a range of different shapes and sizes when it comes to our wooden pallets. No matter your project, we will have the right dimensions for you. We even have pallets that cater to even the most awkward and unusual of dimensions.

Most of our new wooden pallets are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch for the London area. Browse our new wooden pallet range or get in touch for more information on these premium quality products.

Pallets London Costs

Used Wooden Pallets

We also offer a range of cost efficient and sustainable used wooden pallets. These pre-loved pallets are ideal if you are looking for a lower priced item without compromising on the quality. Our second-hand wooden pallets are around 60% more affordable than our new options.

Because these pallets are pre-loved, they are the most sustainable solution in our range. They cause no damage to the ecosystem because no trees are getting cut down to create them. Refurbished to a high quality, this is a fantastic product for both your wallets and the planet. Get in touch for more information on the many used wooden pallets we offer.


Wooden Pallet Collars

Our Wooden pallet collars are the ideal solution for storing, packing and shipping products which need to stay protected and safe. They require no assembly and can be easily slotted on top of an existing pallet. These collars can be stacked to improve flexibility with height without breaking the bank.

When not in use, these pallet collars can be collapsed for storage purposes. If you have a logistics operation, these flexible collars will stand out from alternative storage solutions. These collars also can be adapted to suit a range of heights and sizes.

Our selection of wooden pallet collars are fabricated using fully automated machines to the highest possible standards and supplied in sizes to suit both standard UK & European pallets, as well as specially made sizes. These products are supplied Heat Treated and certificated to ISPM15 for our London customers who are exporting their goods to countries outside the EU.


Environmentally Friendly Wooden Pallets

We know our London customers are concerned about the sustainability of their new product. That is why we put environmental impact at the front of everything we do. We have a green promise to our London customers, ensuring that they only get environmentally wooden pallets when they shop with Associated Pallets. It is important to us that we make a positive mark on the planet without leaving a footprint behind.

Pallets crafted from premium timber are a fantastic investment if you are looking for a more sustainable product to use during storage and transportation. Timber, as a material, is easy to acquire as it’s a natural resource.

Following the end of their long lifespan, wooden pallets can be recycled with ease. We offer a range of pre-loved pallets, but our timber pallets can also be refurbished into other versatile products. We don’t believe in using a product once and throwing it away.



Wooden Pallet Prices, London

Browse our range of used and brand new wooden pallets for your London project or business. Our brand new range of timber pallets can be made bespoke to fit and tailored to any specification. Simply input your measurements and add it your basket. You can then easily and safely checkout.

You could enjoy saving when you bulk buy timber pallets. Get in touch with us today and we can make it happen. Just fill your details in the form, including the product specification and quantity, and we will get back to you with a bespoke quote.

If you have any further queries, please call our freephone line on 03301 757766 and we will be happy to help. Our team will be happy to discuss our pallet prices with you and give you a quote over the phone. We will also be on hand to offer impartial advice and answer any questions you may have.

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