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Quality & Service

Associated Pallets Ltd distribute, manufacture and recycle wooden and plastic pallets and crates throughout the UK. Our aim is to provide quality pallets, both standard sizes and bespoke, to meet the needs of our customers; we will repair and reuse pallets wherever possible to provide a sustainable and cost-effective option for our customers and to reduce the impact of pallets and crates on the environment. We can provide accredited heat treated pallets to prevent the cross border spread of pests to meet the requirements for the export market.

Associated Pallets has implemented a quality and environmental management system to the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. We are committed to comply with all the requirements of the Standards and our management system and to continually improve its effectiveness.

We are committed to the protection of the environment, prevention of pollution and to continually improve the quality of our products and services. We will always meet the specified requirements of our customers and seek to satisfy or exceed their expectations. All our products are manufactured to comply with industry-specific requirements and regulations and we are committed to comply with all our compliance obligations.

Associated Pallets has introduced systems that will set and review measurable quality and environmental objectives. The Directors will provide appropriate resources as required in order to enable the company to meet these objectives.

All staff and people working on behalf of the company are made aware of the aims and objectives of the Quality and Environmental Management System and associated operating procedures, are expected to adhere to its requirements, and are encouraged to suggest ways in which these can be improved.

All our products are produced and supplied to a high standard and in the unlikely event that an error occurs, we will endeavour to rectify this. Our team is dedicated to giving our customers an excellent service.

Whether its a small, or a more complex order, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

With a strong customer base all over the UK and tested and reliable products, we are able to suit most customer requirements.

If you require more information on our products or service please call or use the “contact us” form for details.

View our ISO 9001 certificate
View our ISO 14001 certificate



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What Are A ISO 9001 certificate and ISO 1400 certificate?

To have ISO 9001, a Quality Management System certification, means that we have a systematic approach to meet our customers’ objectives and ensure that we provide consistent quality. 

ISO 14001 is an Environmental Management System which aims to ensure that we as an organisation have a systematic approach to measuring and approving our environmental impact. 

These certificates are important to us as we want to ensure that our customers receive high quality products that can be used to meet their needs, whether that be products for shipping, storing or DIY projects. Additionally, as we don’t want to be wasteful with the resources we use to produce our products, we are proud to have the ISO 14001 certification.

Client Experience 

We have a wide range of services our customers can use. Associated Pallets do it all if you are looking for a new wooden pallet for your business or require used/broken pallets to be collected from your storage facility. 

Many well known brands have worked with us. For example, British Airways, Domino’s Pizza, GAP, HMV, NHS, The British Museum and Thorton’s are just some of the brands that have used our products for their storing and shipping needs.

Contact Us

As a family-run company, we understand the importance of receiving high quality products for your business. If you have any questions regarding our service for our team, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have.

You can contact us using the following freephone number: 03301 757766 . Alternatively, you can use our online form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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