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Uses for Wooden Pallets

21 Dec 2017

Wooden pallets are incredibly useful for shipping goods efficiently, keeping them safe and protecting them from damage. Even better, they are a source of wood that can be repurposed for a variety of projects. From carpenters to DIY enthusiasts, many people are seeing the potential of wooden pallet projects for creating all kinds of objects and even stylish furniture for the home.

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Pallets can be customised for wooden pallet projects in a number of ways. First of all, they can be used just as they are – either stacked or cut to the size that is desired. It is a good idea to clean the pallets before use and then sand down any rough areas for a smooth finish. Stacked pallets can make a fantastic base for a sofa, especially one for an outdoor patio. You could probably even make a patio from pallets too. Pallets stacked or combined can also make an inexpensive base for a bed.

Recycling or upcycling pallets is a good idea for the environment too. Using wooden pallets for DIY projects keeps them out of landfill and means they will not be burnt and generate more hothouses gases that contribute to global warming or be dumped in unsightly piles and left to rot. Finding another use for pallets means that the wood is not wasted and continues to fulfil a practical function. Pallet projects are a very eco-friendly way of obtaining new furniture, and you can design it to fit your specifications perfectly.

Different Finishes

If you pull the pallets apart, then you will have planks of wood that can be turned into almost anything – from bedheads to chests, tables, shelves and chairs. Wooden pallets can also be coordinated with almost any decor. If you like the wood as it is, then just sanding could be enough, or you get a more polished look by applying varnish. A number of stains are available for making the wooden pallets for DIY projects a darker or redder shade, which can be topped with varnish if desired. Pallets can also be painted any colour you wish with a glossy or a matte surface. Once you have taken the pallets apart, it is even easier to paint, stain or varnish them for consistent results.

Once you have experienced how versatile pallets are, you could get really creative and combine sections of stacked pallet with a pallet plank top to create a bar or counter. You could make a table with a stained plank surface on top and combine that with legs made from pallets painted a different colour.

Get Crafty

Wooden pallets can also be used for a huge array of crafts. They can easily be cut down to make chopping boards, shelves for different parts of the home and even Christmas trees. As you become more experienced, you could think about making wine racks, lamps, folding chairs and even a kennel for the dog. Coffee tables, trays, fences and supports are just a few of the other practical items that some crafty types have created by reusing pallets. Some people think of pallets as being a bit like large Lego bricks for grown-ups – and as with Lego, the way you decide to put them together is only limited by your imagination.

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