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What is the Benefit of Heat Treated Pallets?

08 Mar 2023

heat treated pallets portsmouth

Heat treated pallets are a type of pallet that offers several benefits over other types of pallets.

The heat treatment process involves heating the wood used in pallets to a specific temperature to reduce the risk of contamination and damage to goods.

Heat-treated pallets are becoming increasingly popular in a range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, and agriculture. As a business carrying out shipment and logistics processes, they are pallets that you must be aware of.

What Are the Benefits of Heat-Treated Pallets?

heat treated pallets portsmouth

Associated Pallets is a leading supplier of heat-treated pallets in the UK. We offer a wide number of heat-treated pallets, including standard, Euro, and bespoke pallets.

All of our pallets are heat-treated to meet the ISPM15 standard, which is a global standard for the treatment of wood packaging materials.


The main benefit of heat-treated pallets is that they reduce the risk of contamination and damage to goods. In the food industry, for example, there are strict regulations on the hygiene and safety of products.

Our heat-treated pallets are an essential tool in maintaining health standards by reducing the risk of contamination from pests, bacteria, and other harmful organisms.

In the pharmaceutical industry, heat-treated pallets are an important tool for maintaining the quality and safety of products. The heat treatment process ensures that the pallets are free from pests and other contaminants that could damage or compromise the products.


Heat-treated pallets are also more durable than untreated pallets, making them ideal for use in humid or wet environments. The heat treatment process strengthens the wood, making it more resistant to moisture, rot, and other forms of damage.

Heat-treated pallets also help to maintain the integrity of the packaging and labelling of the products by reducing the risk of damage during transportation.

This means that heat-treated pallets have a longer lifespan than untreated pallets, reducing the need for frequent replacement and saving money in the long term.

Environmentally Friendly

The heat treatment process uses only heat and does not involve the use of any chemicals or other harmful substances. This means that heat-treated pallets are safe for the environment and can be easily disposed of or recycled.

Reduced Risk of Fire

Heat treated pallets are less flammable than untreated pallets, reducing the risk of fire in warehouses and during transportation.


Heat treated pallets have several benefits over untreated pallets. The heat treatment is a process that involves heating the wood to a specific temperature for a specific amount of time, eliminating pests and pathogens that may be present in the wood.

The heat treatment is an environmentally-friendly process that does not produce harmful by-products or waste, helping your business become more eco-friendly.

Heat treated pallets have reduced moisture content, making them more durable and less likely to break or warp during transportation and storage.

Associated Pallets Heat Treated Pallets

At Associated Pallets, our heat treated pallets are ideal for use in a variety of industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing.

Our pallets are made from high-quality wood and are designed to withstand the rigorous of modern industrial and commercial settings. We offer a range of sizes and designs to suit the needs of different companies and industries.

If you’re interested in purchasing our heat treated pallets, you can easily contact them by visiting their website or calling their customer service number.

Simply call us at 03301757766 or fill out a contact form, and a member of our friendly customer service team will get back to you to discuss options as soon as possible!

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