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Are Wooden Pallets Waterproof?

13 Jul 2023

waterproof wooden pallets

As standard, wooden pallets can resist a small amount of water without taking any long lasting damage. However, as they are made from timber which does absorb moisture, making wooden pallets waterproof is a great way to ensure that your wooden pallets last longer.

Discover below how to make wooden pallets waterproof and get your new and used wooden pallets now with our national next day delivery on orders before 12:00 pm!

Why Are Waterproof Wooden Pallets Useful?

Waterproofing wooden pallets is useful because it can allow your pallets to last much longer out in the elements. Heavy rainfall can be absorbed as moisture within the timber, which can cause it to weaken or contaminate it with all sorts of unhygienic things. Additionally, waterproofing wooden pallets makes them safer for reuse, especially with sensitive produce like food or medicine, as they won’t absorb any of the previous liquid to cross contaminate.

How To Waterproof Wooden Pallets

To make your wooden pallets waterproof, you will need a way to prevent the timber from absorbing moisture. There are a variety of methods available to do this, and we have listed some of them below:

Waterproof Wooden Pallets With Varnish

Sealing your wooden products with varnish or finishes is a popular method to ensure your wooden pallets are waterproof. Multiple layers of varnish can protect the wooden pallets from moisture and help them resist rotting over time, leading to a longer lasting product.

Waterproof Wooden Pallets With Paint

Certain robust outdoor use paints can also be used to add a waterproof finish to your wooden pallets, collars, and crates. These outdoor paints are designed to resist cracking or chipping from exposure to the elements, and with multiple coats, the timber can be shielded from light rainfall or spillages.

Heat Treating

Are heat treated wooden pallets waterproof? Not permanently, but heat treatment provides many benefits, including removing moisture within the wooden pallet. Additionally, heat treatment can eliminate a massive range of contaminants and insects from wooden pallets, making them much safer to handle. By removing contaminants and moisture from wooden pallets they can last for much longer and can easily and safely be reused for all sorts of projects.

At Associated Pallets, we can heat treat our wooden pallets to ensure that they meet all ISPM 15 requirements. In order for pallets to be viable for international shipping, they must be ISPM 15 approved for health and safety reasons. Learn more about how wooden pallets are treated and what ISPM 15 means on our website!

Waterproof Wooden Pallets With Pallet Wrap

Making wooden pallets waterproof can be challenging or costly, depending on the method and materials used. With our range of lightweight yet strong pallet wrap, wooden pallets can be kept safe from all sorts of harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain and snow. Liquid produce such as food and medicine can also be held in place much safer with well placed wrap, leading to less spillages for the timber to absorb.

Plus, this cost effective alternative can keep your wooden pallets free from chemicals and potential residues, making them much safer for reusing in all sorts of creative ways.

Check out our pallet wrap here on our website, or find out how to reuse your wooden pallets on our blog! We also have a sister website, where you can find all sorts of plastic pallets and plastic boxes that can make an excellent waterproof alternative that doesn’t require any special treatments.

Why Choose Associated Pallets?

At Associated Pallets we can provide expedient next day national delivery for orders placed before 12:00 pm. We sell and collect all sorts of wooden pallets and pallet accessories, including Euro, standard, and non-standard types and pallet collars.

Are your wooden pallets waterproof and you don’t want them to go to waste? Fill out our collection and recycling form and we can ensure that your unwanted pallets get refurbished and reused! Depending on the pallet, we may even be able to pay you for them!

We also sell wooden crates and boxes which we can coat to be waterproof should you need more than just waterproof wooden pallets. They can make an excellent combination for all your shipping, transport, and storage needs.

For more information about our products and services, check out our handy FAQ!

Wooden Pallet Prices

Use our tips and tricks to make your wooden pallets waterproof today, and get new and used wooden pallets and pallet wrap on our website! We can offer speedy next day delivery on orders placed before 12:00 pm, so don’t delay! For more bespoke orders, check out our handy online quoting tool, or if you’re looking for more information about our services, call 03301757766 or use our online contact form

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