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Why Are Wooden Pallets Heat Treated?

14 May 2021

why are wooden pallets heat treated

Wooden pallets are heat treated to conform to hygiene standards. Here at Associated Pallets, weupply a wide range of heat treated pallets nationwide. These include our wooden pallets, pallet collars, pallet boxes and timber. The products we offer are pre-heat treated, meaning they are ready for immediate next day delivery throughout the UK.

The International Phytosanitary Standard for Wood Packaging, otherwise known as ISPM15, requires that all wooden forms of packaging, including pallets, are heat ­treated before they’re used for shipping. Our UK customers can rest assured our pallets reach these requirements.

All wooden products supplied by Associated Pallets will be accompanied with a heat treatment certificate, our company registration and a graph showing the treatment process, this gives you complete confidence there will be no problems with your exports.

Why Are Pallets Heat Treated?

Over 90% of pallets and skids that are used for transporting goods in the world are made from wood. Due to the volume of wooden packaging being shipped, there is an internationally agreed check to make sure there are no bugs hiding within the timber. This is important for customers where items are shipped worldwide.

Every piece of wooden packaging that is treated is stamped with an internationally recognised mark to prove the packaging item has been treated to the ISPM15 standard. This mark essentially acts as a passport for the packaging item allowing it to be confidently transported across international borders with the knowledge it does not contain wood-borne pests.

Benefits Of Heat Treated Pallets

Heat treated pallets are essential in order to comply with ISPM15 requirements, preventing the transfer of pesticides and infestation during the exportation process. However, this is not the only advantage.  Other benefit includes enhanced sterilisation, durability and weather resistance.

Sterilisation is an important practice for many reasons. The main reason for this requirement is to minimise the risk of infestation. The spread of insects and other pests from overseas can have a significant impact on the local environment. Insect contamination can even result in illnesses for those who handle the pallets.

A wood pallet is at increased risk of developing bacteria and mould, especially if it is not stored correctly, due to the levels of moisture in it. However, heat treated pallets will have had some of this removed, decreasing the risk of bacteria and mould developing.
why are wooden pallets heat treated

How Are They Heat Treated?

For the benefit of our customers nationwide, we follow strict guidelines for our heat treated pallets. Wooden pallets should be heat treated using a specialist kiln in accordance with specific guidelines, highlighting specific temperature and duration. Our kiln has the capacity to process up to 3000 pallets and related products per day. This ensures pests are eradicated meaning we can offer high-quality heat treated wooden pallets. We only source wooden pallets that meet the strict rules to heat treatment for reassurance to our Portsmouth customers.

Heat Treated Pallet Prices

At Associated Pallets, we supply heat treated pallets to customers. We can make it easy for you to stay within the ISPM15 guidelines. We offer a range of heat treated wooden packaging, including pallets, crates and pallet collars. All our packaging products come with a certificate to prove they have been heat treated correctly.

Get a quote today to find out more about the prices we offer. Just fill out our contact form with your details and specifications, including the exact product type you are after. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a bespoke price.

Alternatively, you can call our freephone on 08000 288655, and we can discuss your preferred product. We can talk you through our various heat treated pallets and the services we offer. We look forward to working with you.

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