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Pallets Leeds

01 Jul 2022

Pallets Leeds

In Leeds, we provide a large selection of pallets. Whether you require more storage or secure shipping, our pallets have several uses. We provide pallets that have been repaired, heat-treated, repurposed, recycled and utilised in commercial and residential settings.

Our pallets come in a range of sizes and can support a substantial amount of weight. By conforming to your needs and budget, we can assist you in finding the right pallet for the job. We provide long-lasting wooden pallets composed of materials that have been carefully sourced and are easy to recycle.

Manufacturing outstanding wooden pallets is our area of expertise. Our customers in Leeds can choose from a number of sizes and styles. This means you can find pallets that are a perfect addition to your storage or transportation facility. Additionally, if you can’t find the size you’re looking for, contact our team to design a bespoke custom pallet.

Used Pallets

Purchase used pallets through Associated Pallets. They’re a terrific way to save resources and preserve the environment. It’s easy to repurpose old pallets into either rustic furniture or creative ornaments. You can also save money, as the products use 60% less money than their brand-new equivalents while still providing the same functionality. We refurbish used pallets to provide the highest possible quality.

Our recycled pallets are great for sustainability since they prevent the need to cut down more trees. You will be making an eco-friendly choice when purchasing our pallets. Even after many years of use, the products can be recycled into wood chips. This prevents unnecessary waste from taking up space in a landfill. Customers in the past have also purchased used pallets to create a variety of furniture, including storage and tables.

New Pallets

With Associated Pallets, you can buy new pallets for your Leeds business. They are an excellent investment as the products provide a variety of advantages. These advantages include being heat-treated, customisable, recyclable, and authorised for international transportation. Our clients can modify the new pallets to meet their demands thanks to our exclusive service.

Due to their high quality, our new pallets are perfect for storage and transportation facilities in Leeds. By combining softwood with hardwood, Associated Pallets can create a sturdy and long-lasting product. Keep your valuable goods well-protected with our products designed to feature superb weatherproofing. If you have any questions regarding our products’ capabilities, please get in touch. A member of our team will be happy to help.

Heat Treated Pallets

Heated treated pallets are preferable if you wish to export things from Leeds to another nation. Before any trip, the wooden pallets must comply with ISPM 15 requirements. We can assure you that our products are manufactured to meet these regualtions. This means our pallets are fit for international transport and will be protected against the spread of infections and pests.

By heat-treating the pallets, your items can be stored away without the concern of contamination. Another bonus to the heat treatment is that the pallets can reduce the likelihood of moisture buildup, which inhibits the development of mould. Whether you are exporting goods or keeping priceless antiques, heat-treated pallets are a perfect choice for you.

Pallets Leeds Prices
Repurposed Wooden Pallets

Incorporate wooden pallets into your home through creative DIY projects. There’s no need for pallets to go to waste after being used for shipping or storage. The used pallets we supply have been refurbished to offer quality, which is similar to our new products.

You can design a number of different items using wooden pallets, including tables, planters, chairs, shoe racks, wine racks, sofas, outdoor decking, bookcases and even photo frames! Providing you are using the right safety equipment, anybody can try their hand at DIY with our brand-new and used wooden pallets. The pallets enable you to be quite creative, making them an excellent way to pass the time.

Repurposing pallets is a great way of preventing environmental waste. Using our pallets, you might spend the day designing a brand-new feature for your home.

Wooden Pallet Recycling Service

We provide a wooden pallet collection service, which helps prevent used pallets from taking up space in a landfill. The pallets we collect will be assessed, and if we can’t refurbish them, we’ll ensure they are repurposed into wood chipping. With over 20 years of waste management experience, you can rely on us to manage the pallets sustainably. You can rest easy knowing that when we collect the pallets, they will always be reused and recycled.

Pallet Prices Leeds

Begin storing and transporting items in Leeds effectively with our pallets. Order our wooden pallets today! Select the quantity you require and proceed to checkout. We offer a range of delivery services, including same-day delivery for UK customers. Alternatively, get in touch if you have any questions. You can call our friendly team on 03301 757 766 or use our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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