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The Heat Treated Wooden Pallet Market Is One The Rise

30 Jan 2019

A recent and well respected industry report has revealed some incredibly promising forecasts and trends for the heat treated wooden pallets market. The Pallets Market report revolves around some of the ultimate drivers for such significant growth across the pallet industry – along with some of the ongoing challenges and stumbling blocks faced by those companies within it.

Wood Has Stood the Test of Time

The results of the report in question, which spanned from 2019-2025, provide a firm vote of confidence from across the globe that wood remains the preferred material to make pallets from. This is great news for those working within the wooden pallets industry, as the humble wooden pallet has often come up against threats from it’s plastic counterpart. Many have compared the benefits of both wooden and plastic solutions, as well as other options such as cardboard and metal.

What do we need to know about Wooden Pallets?

From time to time, the wooden pallet has been victim of much criticism for issues around hygiene, durability and risk of contamination. The report itself highlights a number of aspects which could be seen as negative. This includes scenario based criticisms such as sharp splinters, risk of injury and protruding nails that can end up damaging packaging. In addition and unsurprisingly, sustainability was very much the topic of conversation with many industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, groceries and automotive, looking ahead to sustainability within the supply chain. This has seen many scenarios where the wooden pallet has been replaced with plastic pallets and other seemingly more environmentally friendly alternatives.

The Value of Lower Costs

However, despite this, the wooden pallet continues to receive praise for its extensive benefits in terms of cost savings as well as the variety of options available for material handling. Price is a significant factor within this report. Wood, in general as a material source, was credited due to its low start up costs for bespoke designs, However the wooden pallet continued to offer low cost benefits, which was identified as a relevant factor within the outcome of this report.

There is no doubt that it is not one but all of these benefits which have supported the ongoing market dominance of this popular packaging option which will help it continue to thrive well into 2024.

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