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Important ISPM 15 Requirements

20 Nov 2018

ispm15 heat treated stamp

ISPM 15 is a standard that is being progressively implemented throughout the world. There are already 28 countries that have adopted the standard and a further 21 are in the progress of doing so. Each country has their own ISPM 15 requirements so it is important to be aware of the countries specific guidelines, but we have outlined a basic guide to ISPM 15 requirements for you to adopt:

What is ISPM-15?

ISPM 15 is the international standards for Phytosanitary Measure number 15. ISPM 15 relates to the transportation of solid wood packaging. The criteria that it needs to meet to transport it across international borders. ISPM 15 is an international measure sanctioned by the International Plant Protection Convention. ISPM 15 requirements can be met through heat treatment and fumigation.

What is the Purpose of ISPM15?

The main purpose of ISPM 15 is to prevent the spread of harmful diseases and insects. This could have a detrimental impact upon ecosystems through international transportation. The methods of transport are vessels, plane, vehicles, containers, storage areas, soil and other materials that can spread pests. With the proper treatment, the spread of harmful insects and diseases can be limited.

The reason behind the tightening of these ISPM 15 requirements for wooden packaging is that they can harbour foreign pests that have the ability to devastate ecosystems. ISPM 15 covers any solid wood material that is thicker than 6mm.

What Materials are Ought to Maintain ISPM 15 Requirements and Which are Exempt?

Not only are solid wood pallets expected to meet the standard, but also other non manufactured wooden packaging. Other non-manufactured products include collars, reels and crates. Only solid wood packaging from countries that adhere to the IPPC guidelines have to comply with ISPM 15.

Materials such as plastic, metal, paper and engineered wooden products are exempt from ISPM 15 requirements. Solid wooden packaging also doesn’t have to comply, when transported within a single country.

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