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Bespoke Wooden Pallets being driven by Innovation

19 Sep 2019

If you were to sit and reflect on the history of the wooden pallet, it wouldn’t take long to realise that the widely used standard wooden pallet has not gone through much change over the years.

The wooden pallet continues to be one of the most popular packaging items, and it is unlikely this is going to change any time soon However, that being said, innovation in the pallet world is growing.There are inventors actively bringing their bespoke wooden pallets directly into the supply chain.

These bespoke wooden pallets are focused on introducing new features which resolves some of the common issues found in the supply chain.

Durability Improvements

Boosting the durability and also making the pallet more fire retardant is one of the elements we have seen on some of the new pallets. This is primarily achieved by adding a polymer coating to the pallet which makes it easier to clean and gives a layer of protection. Although still made of wood – these additional features help to avoid issued with the wood harbouring bacteria or getting damaged along the way.

Smart Chips

Some inventors have gone to the lengths of embedding a chip into the pallet which allows it to be tracked. This allows the location of the pallet to be accessed through the supply chain, in real time, with all information beamed into the cloud.

Some of the chips can also record additional information including temperature, humidity and accidents. These additional reporting capabilities are set to cause a real stir for those working in the logistics industry who will now have to increase their accountability for how the pallet is being controlled and handled. If an incident occurs, or a pallet goes missing, there will be the ability to trace the product quickly and see additional information about what might have happened to it along the way.

When it comes to bespoke wooden pallets, the key challenges remain in mass production. While these innovations offer many unique propositions which offer undeniable improvements to issues in the supply chain, the financial savings are not yet significant enough for businesses to consider a permanent switch from standard wooden pallets. This, combined with another round of promising forecasts for the wooden pallet, indicates that the standard wooden pallet is here to stay!

If you look back through the history of the wooden pallet, you would find that the standard wooden pallet used for shipping has not gone through much change over the years. However – in today’s day and age – there are some real innovations taking place, with inventors introducing their bespoke wooden pallets into the supply chain.

Article to expand on:

  • Some of the features of the smart pallets and bespoke pallets currently being brought into use
  • How aspects such as increased durability, increased hygiene levels and the ease of repair have been some of the key selling propositions rolled into some of the bespoke pallet innovations
  • These changes are unlikely to have any impact on the humble wooden pallet that we know and love, however they can offer key benefits to organisations with specific requirements.

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