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The Most Sustainable and Durable Material For Pallets

27 Aug 2018

Any business involved in transporting or shipping goods will be using pallets of some type. As concerns for the environment increase, a major issue for any industry is the sustainability of the materials it uses in everyday activities. Any business that is moving goods would be anxious to know what the most sustainable and durable material for pallets would be and how to use this effectively to reduce costs and make the business as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.

durable pallet

Environmental Choice

If goods are moved around by plane, rail or road, then pallets are going to be used. Pallets can be made from various materials, including different kinds of plastic, but when it comes to kindness to the planet, wood wins the prize as the most sustainable and durable material that can be chosen for pallets.

Wooden pallets are recyclable, which means that they can be used for a number of purposes once their usefulness as pallets has come to an end. Parts of old pallets can also be incorporated into new pallets, and pallet parts that have been damaged or become worn can be replaced. A pallet that can be used and refurbished and used again is a great eco-friendly choice.

Wood is also a natural resource that grows out of the earth, using water and sunlight. As it grows, the leaves of the tree take carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen, which is necessary for life. Trees help create habitats for animals, cool their surroundings and provide shade. Growing trees is good for the planet and a wonderful way of generating a useful resource. Wood and used pallets can be recycled in a number of ways, and old pallets can be turned into furniture and household items.

As countries have become more environmentally aware, the timber industry has turned its skills to stimulate growing trees for timber. In the US, for example, new growth and replanting of trees have filled more than 11 million acres in the past decade.

Using wood for pallets is the sensible choice, as it also reduces the carbon footprint. As trees use carbon dioxide to grow, timber takes carbon emissions and puts them to good use. When a cubic metre of wood is used for building, this accounts for more than a tonne of carbon dioxide being taken out of the atmosphere.

Why Wood Is the Most Sustainable and Durable Material

Wood is flexible and easy to work with and can last longer than plastic when used for pallets. They are the most sustainable and durable material for pallets, as they can be put together quickly, and piece by piece. If one piece is damaged, it can easily be replaced. Constructing a wooden pallet is faster than plastic, and the process takes less energy. Making wooden pallets is also cheaper, and expensive moulding processes are not required.


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