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Pallet Collars Leeds

06 Dec 2022

Pallet collars and containers with lids on top

Pallet collars are an excellent addition to any Leeds facility. They make storing and protecting your goods easy. The pallets are made of sturdy material and are easy to recycle once they reach the end of their use. At Associated Pallets, we have a wide selection of pallet collar products available, including:

They are the best option for things that need to be kept safe and secure when being stored, packed, and shipped. Pallet collars are growing in popularity because they are versatile and inexpensive.

Our pallet collars are affordable and can be secured onto your pallets to keep them and the items stored safe and secure. To secure the pallet collars, simply slot them on top of your standard pallets. The collars can be stacked, allowing for adjustable height.

Pallet collars can distinguish themselves from other non-traditional storage options due to their adaptable structure. This guarantees that they can be modified to fit various heights and sizes. When planning the logistics of shipping, the pallets are able to be collapsible thanks to the hinges.

We manufacture our pallet collars using fully automated equipment located at our Southampton facility. There is a heat-treated pallet collar option that is certified to ISPM15 standards for any of our customers who export their goods outside of the EU. 

Pallet Collars Sizes 

We provide various standard pallet collar heights that consist of the following dimensions: 

  •  100mm
  • 200mm
  • 300mm
  • 400mm

Please call us at 03301 175 766 if your warehouse requires a different height. We’ll be happy to assist in meeting the demands of your Leeds facility.

Our pallet collars come in the following standard sizes:

  • 600mm x 800mm 
  • 800mm x 1200mm
  • 1000mm x 1200mm

You can use our online form if you have any questions about our pallet collars. 

Our Products:

New Pallet Collars

The ideal way to secure objects that need to be kept secure and safe is by using new wooden pallet collars. We have a wide selection of new pallet collars available to choose from. Pallet collars have a range of benefits. They can be repaired easily, take up little room, and are durable enough to be used often. Additionally, pallet collars can be used in racking applications that use pallets and are particularly advantageous for saving space.

Used Pallet Collars

Used wooden pallet collars are an affordable substitute for new pallet collars that can save you up to 60%. Keep your items secure, whether they are being transported or stored. A highly sustainable option, our used pallet collars are ideal for any of our Leed customers who want to lower their carbon footprint or save money and space in their facility.

Pallet Collar Kits

Fully completed Pallet Collar Kits are the best option if you require a complete kit that includes the pallet, lid, and collars and is delivered to your location fully assembled. The most popular sizes, which are used across the UK and Europe, are listed here.

Environmentally Friendly Pallet Collars

For large businesses, recycling materials like pallets and pallet collars have become crucial for protecting the environment. We want to ensure that our products are sustainable and eco-friendly. That’s why our pallet collars are created using sustainably sourced wood and can be easily recycled.

Pallet Collars Leeds



Keep your items and pallets protected from damage with our cost-effective pallet collars. Suitable for domestic and abroad shipping, our pallet collars can be heat-treated to ensure that they meet ISPM15 standards. Save the money you’d have to spend on replacing damaged goods by investing in our pallet collars that can keep your precious items safe from damage.

Modern Design

Easy to adjust, our pallet collars consist of four to six wooden planks attached to metal hinges at each corner. The pallet collars can be slotted on top of your standard pallets to create a protective box-like structure. They can be easily adjusted to meet your storage facility’s requirements.

Pallet Collar Prices Leeds

Customers in Leeds can browse our selection of new and used pallet collars. At Associated Pallets, we can customise the pallet collars to meet your needs. If you are interested in ordering our pallet collars, simply select the style, size, and quantity you’d like before proceeding to the online checkout. We have a wide selection of delivery options available, including next-day delivery to our UK customers on orders placed before noon.

If you want to place a large order, you may do so by using our contact form. Simply fill out your information, including the quantity and product specifications, and we will contact you with a quote. Additionally, you can fill out any unique requests so that we can customise your purchase to meet your needs.

Contact our team today by dialling our freephone number, 03301 175 766. We will do our best to respond to any questions you may have. You can speak with us about our costs and services.

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