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ISPM15 Pallets Portsmouth

09 Apr 2021


We supply a range of ISPM15 pallets to customers in Portsmouth and nationwide. You won’t have to worry about the regulations with our wide stock of ISPM15 wooden pallets. We make the process easy for you, so you can easily meet your transportation needs with our pallets. Choose our heat treated pallets that reach the standards of ISPM15.

When purchasing wooden pallets, it’s fundamental to know the guidelines. Since the 1st of January 2021, all wooden pallets and wood packaging moving between the UK and the EU are required to meet ISPM 15 international standards. This involves heat treatment and marking.

The reason for this is as we have now left the EU, we are a third-party country. The rules state that those moving goods outside the EU using wooden packaging must be heat treated and stamped. This will help ease pest contamination and potential risk from pests.

Due to the requirement, there is now much more demand for heat treated wooden pallets. We supply a wide range of heat-treated pallets in a variety of sizes here at Associated Pallets. We are working incredibly hard to ensure we have sufficient stock of wooden pallets in time for the new regulations next year.

The Government’s guidelines:

“All WPM moving between the UK and the EU must meet ISPM15 international standards by undergoing heat treatment and marking if there’s a no-deal Brexit. All WPM may be subject to official checks either upon or after entry to the EU. Checks on WPM will continue to be carried out in the UK on a risk-targeted basis only. The plant health risk from WPM imported from the EU is not expected to change as a result of Brexit.”


Our Range

At Associated Pallets we can make it easy for you to stay within the ISPM15 guidelines. We offer a superb range of ISPM15 pallets, approved for usage. This means you can transport goods across the world with the approval that they meet the strict standards. We offer wooden packaging, including pallets, crates and pallet collars.

Rest assured, our ISPM15 pallets come with a certificate to prove they have been heat­ treated correctly. This includes a company registration document and details of the process, so you can have peace of mind about your purchase. Our range of sizes will ensure that no matter what your requirements, we can adhere to your needs.

Why do pallets need to be ISPM treated?

Heat treatment is one of the few officially approved approaches which meets ISPM15 standards. It is predominately in place to eradicate harmful insects from wood packaging materials. this will ensure they don’t make their way to other countries.

Heat treatment is actually considered the best treatment type for ISPM15 pallets. While other treatments such as fumigation can cause further issues such as chemical traces, we ensure are treated to meet the high standards. Heat treatment is so important as it is best and safest way of adhering to ISPM15. Heat treatment for ISPM15 eradicates insects and larvae, reduces moisture content and makes it safe to handle pallets.

How are they heat treated?

For the benefit of our customers in Portsmouth and nationwide, we follow strict guidelines that result in our ISPM15 pallets. Wooden pallets should be heat treated using a specialist kiln in accordance with specific guidelines, highlighting specific temperature and duration. Our kiln has the capacity to process up to 3000 pallets and related products per day. This ensures pests are eradicated meaning we can offer high-quality ISPM15 pallets. We only source wooden pallets that meet the strict rules to heat treatment for reassurance to our Portsmouth customers.


ISPM15 Pallet Prices Portsmouth

For your pallet requirements in Portsmouth, we supply long-lasting ISPM15 pallets. Explore our dedicated products, where you choose your pallet size, add to cart and complete our quick and easy checkout.

If you’re ordering in bulk, you can fill out our quotation form and with your details and specifications, including the exact product type you are after. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a bespoke price.

Alternatively, you can call our freephone on 08000 288655, and we can discuss your preferred product. We can talk you through our various options and decide on the right wooden pallet for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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In respect to Covid-19, We continue to be fully operational and will be closely monitoring the guidelines and advice provided by the UK Government and Public Health England**Remember, after January 1st 2021, all wooden pallets and wood packaging products will need to be Heat Treated & certificated if travelling to and from Europe**