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Differences Between Wood and Plastic

12 May 2021

Wood and plastic come with a variety of differences. There are a plethora of benefits that come with each pallet type that will ensure our customers get the best of their purchase. Depending on the application, pallets can offer you different advantages. Both materials have different factors that need to be weighed up prior to purchase.

From price to durability and hygiene, wood and plastic vary in their differences. Here, we break down some of the differences to help you make an informed decision about your pallets. You can get in touch with our team today who will help guide you through the best choice for your project. Call our team and we can help you to make an informed decision.

Wooden or plastic


Plastic is known to have slightly higher durability than wood. As a material, it’s hardwearing and resistant to damage when in transit. It bounces back into shape and absorbs shock which could be the case when getting moved around. However wood is more likely to weaken and distort when exposed to rough conditions. On the other hand, wood is much easier to repair, whereas the plastic may not be able to be used again.

Plastic pallets are beneficial in that they offer a clean finish. This is different from wood which can succumb to loose nails, splinters and sharp, broken wood pieces. This could lead to further damage to your goods or even injure people. In most climates, plastic is more durable and weatherproof. However if exposed to extreme heat, it may deform or in colder temperatures could become brittle.


The difference between wood and plastic is the cost. The purchase price is considerably higher for plastic pallets, as they are more durable making them more of an investment. Despite the slightly pricier label, it’s important to consider their longer life, lower transport costs, easier cleaning and ISPM 15 exemption.

Wooden pallets are the cheaper option and are better for low-cost goods. They are a good solution if you aren’t in need of constant reuse of the pallet. As well as this, wood pallets are growing in popularity when it comes to DIY projects. More and more customers are purchasing pallets to upgrade their outdoor area or inside their home.


Wood is often seen as the greener choice when it comes to the difference between wood and plastic, although this is up for debate. Wood can have a negative carbon footprint, however, our pallets come from sustainably managed forests. Additionally, our wooden pallets often come from leftover wood meaning little to none is wasted. Wood will eventually biodegrade and go back to the earth’s cycles as an advantage.

Plastic on the other hand can be recycled differently from wood. Once it reaches the end of its lifespan, it can be melted down and processed into pellets. This means that the plastic is disposed of as non-biodegradable waste. Plastic production is more carbon-producing than wood. However plastic pallets require fewer replacements than wood as it has a longer lifespan.

Wooden Or Plastic Pallets?

There is a multitude of similarities and differences between wood and plastic pallets. Therefore, it comes down to your project itself and your requirements. Explore our wooden pallet range today or visit our sister site to explore our plastic products. You can read more about our products are purchase using our secure checkout.

Get a quote today to find out more about the prices we offer. Just fill out our contact form with your details and specifications, including the exact product type you are after. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a bespoke price. You are welcome to give our friendly team a call today and we can discuss our options with you.

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