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Pallets Manchester

30 Jun 2022

Pallet Manchester Quotes

We provide a wide range of pallets in Manchester. Our pallets are utilised in a number of applications, whether you need extra storage or safe shipment. We provide pallets that have been restored, heat-treated, and used for domestic and industrial applications.

Our pallets are available in a variety of sizes and can hold a lot of weight. We can help you acquire the appropriate pallet for the work by sticking to your requirements and spending limit. We provide pallets made from organic materials that will survive for many years.

Premium pallets are our speciality at Associated Pallets. We provide Manchester consumers with the finest selection possible since our pallets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our goods are designed to perform a variety of tasks and adapt to their environment.

Used Pallets

Utilising used pallets is a great method to save resources and protect the environment. When compared to their brand-new counterparts, they may be purchased for up to 60% less money while maintaining the same functionality. We make sure old pallets are of the greatest quality by refurbishing them.

In terms of sustainability, our repurposed pallets are fantastic since they reduce the need to remove trees. Even after many years of usage, the pallets can be converted into wood chips. Our customers in Manchester often use pallets to make a range of furniture, including shelving and tables.

New Pallets Manchester

New Pallets

We provide brand-new pallets to our Manchester customers. They are a superb investment as they come with a range of benefits. These benefits include being heat-treated, made-to-measure, recyclable and approved for global transport. Thanks to our unique service, our customers can also customise the new pallets to suit their needs easily. 

Our new pallets are ideal for storage and distribution in Manchester due to their exceptional quality. To make a strong and durable container, they combine softwood and hardwood. For your peace of mind, each of our pallets is built to shield contents from bad weather.

Heat Treated Pallets 

Pallets that have been heated are better if you want to ship items from Manchester to another country. The wooden pallets adhere to ISPM 15 specifications prior to any travel. By doing this, the pallets are kept secure from the spread of pests or infestations.

The pallet’s heat treatment also aids in the proper storage of the products. These pallets may lessen the chance of moisture accumulation, which prevents the growth of mould. Heat-treated pallets are a great option for you whether you are exporting products or storing irreplaceable antiques.

Pallets Manchester Prices

Used Pallet Projects

Incorporate your pallets into your Manchester house after using them for shipment or storage. The pallets are useful for a variety of projects, including decorative and storage purposes. Any house may benefit from using wooden pallets both within and outside. Anyone can try their hand at DIY with our new and old wooden pallets if they have the proper safety gear. They are a fantastic way of spending your time, as the pallets allow you to be highly creative. 

You may construct anything using your ideas, from picture frames to a spot for your plants. Recycling pallets for domestic use is an excellent way to save the environment. You may spend the day creating a brand-new feature for your property using our pallets.

Transport is one of the pallets’ primary functions, which is also one of its main applications. If you need to transport goods around Manchester, invest in a high-quality wooden pallet. We provide pallets in various sizes and loading capacities to make carrying simpler.

Our hardwood pallets are meant to safeguard items from the harsh UK weather. They may securely convey items from Manchester using either land or air transportation. Thanks to our customised proportions, you’ll have an easier time transferring items.


Create extra storage space by investing in our high-quality wooden pallets. They are used for both business and home-based storage purposes. Additionally, the pallets work effectively in residential homes as well. Make storing and transporting items easy with our pallets that are easy to manoeuvre and can be tailored to be the perfect size for your facility. 

You can use the pallets in many applications, including block stacking and push-back racks. It’s quick and easy to organise your belongings and utilise Manchester space more effectively with our pallets. Contact us using the information below if you need storage pallets but are unsure of which product would be best for your needs.

Pallet Prices Manchester 

Begin storing and transporting items efficiently in Manchester with our pallets. You can use our online quotation tool today to purchase our items. The tool will provide you with a free and accurate quote. 

Let us know if you have any questions concerning the pallets. Please use our contact form, and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible. Call us at today 03301 757 766. Our team will be happy to help you in any way they can. 


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