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Benefits of High Quality Wooden Pallets

26 Apr 2017

Pallets are common equipment in the manufacturing industry, with one of their main uses being to enable heavy goods to be lifted by cranes or forklift trucks. During both storage and transportation, the pallets are often required to withstand a very heavy load, and therefore the strength of the wooden structures is paramount in keeping the manufacturing chain going smoothly.

Staff working in factories or warehouses should be trained on the safety aspects of heavy lifting to prevent any unnecessary accidents. However, there are other ways to ensure the efficiency of the storage and distribution of goods. Here are a number of things to bear in mind when trying to determine the best wood pallets from the rest.

High Quality Wooden Pallets


The size of a pallet gives you a very visual clue as to whether or not it will be suitable to hold a particular load. If the wooden pallet isn’t in proportion with the objects that are supposed to be lifted on it, then the odds are that you will need a bigger structure.


As with size, a pallet should be picked according to its weight ratio with the object it is intended to carry. This will ensure the safety of the goods and those moving them. Most standard pallets are intended for use with moderately heavy objects, but this will once again depend on their size.


One might think that wood pallets have the same design and structure across all industries and regardless of the type of product they are being used with. This is entirely wrong: in many cases, pallets are specifically designed to hold a certain object. If there are any flaws in the design, then it will likely be impossible for the pallets to be used for their designated purpose, as they will be deemed unsafe.

Quality of Materials

You can usually tell a pallet made from high-quality wood from one made on the cheap. The reason the quality of the wood is so important is that the base and boards need to be sturdy enough not to break under pressure. Most premium wood pallets or crates are made from high-quality timber.

Quality of Workmanship

If a pallet is made as part of a low-quality construction procedure, it is probably not going to be strong enough for its intended use or have a very long life. Any mistakes during construction can have devastating effects on clients buying the pallets. A well-put together pallet will not have any fastener to bind the boards, as this can loosen at any point and end up damaging the goods it is meant to be supporting.

Check for Damage

Although new pallets are preferred for the transportation of valuable or extremely heavy goods, some used wooden pallets might still be suitable. You should check the wood for any cracks or weaknesses and, if possible, have an experienced engineer survey their quality. You may also be liable for any breakages if second-hand pallets are used to transport expensive goods.

Wood Treatment

Any wood used in the construction of pallets or similar structures should be treated with heat and suitable chemicals to protect them from moisture and bacteria. Heat treated wooden pallets are far more likely to stay strong for longer.

Buy Only From Good Sources

If in doubt, it is always best to buy your pallets from a reputable manufacturer for your own peace of mind. Experienced companies are far more reliable when it comes to the quality of materials and craftsmanship, and they also adhere to industrial standards with each and every pallet produced.

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