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Using The Right Pallets Helps Improve Profits

05 Jul 2016

While wood is still the most popular material used for pallets and is probably what most of us think of when we picture a pallet, plastic pallets have increased in popularity in recent years. Both wood and plastic have their own set of advantages, so if you’re unsure which option is best for your business, read on to learn more.

wood and plastic pallets

Plastic Pallets

Plastic is favoured by businesses in many industries because it is tough, durable and hygienic and can be reused many times. For businesses operating in closed-loop warehouses, plastic is often the most economical choice. The pallets can be used time and time again, as they will always be returned. While plastic designs are more expensive than traditional wood versions and they cannot easily be repaired, they have a far longer lifespan, meaning the cost of purchase can be offset over time.

Plastic pallets are also more weather-resistant and will not be invaded by bugs or anything else that can burrow into wood. They are also easily cleaned, making them perfect for businesses where hygiene is important. They are not suitable for extremely heavy loads, however. One of the main issues people think about when trying to choose which pallets to use is the environmental factor. There is no doubt that using plastic is generally considered to be worse for the environment, and pallets made from plastic must be melted down before they can be recycled. If you factor in the extended lifespan of a plastic pallet, however, you may find you can offset some of the environmental burden against that of replacing wooden pallets completely several times.

Wooden Pallets

Wood is cheaper than plastic and can generally be easily repaired. Pallets made from wood are also very strong and are suitable for transporting extremely heavy loads. They might be the only option for some businesses in industries where very large or heavy goods or equipment are shipped. A major advantage of using wood pallets is that wood is easily recyclable and is a sustainable natural resource. This is an important USP for many business owners.

Wood is also the practical choice when you’re using pallets you will not receive back. If you’re shipping overseas, for example, the cost of sending plastic rather than wood pallets might be prohibitive.

However, wood is not as durable as plastic, and pallets can splinter, possibly snagging or damaging goods. They can also harbour bugs and are not resistant to high levels of moisture.

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