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How To Recycle Wooden Pallets

06 Jan 2023

Wooden pallet collection services in Southampton

Here at Associated Pallets, we are committed to leaving a positive mark on the environment. That is why we are on hand to recycle wooden pallets and help lengthen their lifespan. We offer an innovative recycling service which can help recycle your old pallets with minimal fuss.

We are experts at repairing used wood pallets and getting the most out of previously owned timber products, so that they live a long and useful life! We use our two decades of experience to help customers recycle wooden pallets.

How We Can Help You Recycle Wooden Pallets

If you have wooden pallets lying around that you don’t know what to do with, we can help you recycle them. Our team are focused on sustainability and protecting the environment, which is why we work on reducing timber waste.

We have over 20 years of experience in the waste management industry, so you are in safe hands when choose our wooden pallet recycling services. We work with businesses up and down the UK, helping them safely and effectively recycle timber pallets.

Our team are committed to sustainable practices and ensuring our products never leave a negative impact on the world. We work hard to comply with regulations and standards set out for improving sustainability and the environment. We have implemented a quality and environmental management system to the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. You can trust our team to recycle your products!

At Associated Pallets, our entire team are highly educated about the objectives of the Quality and Environmental Management System and associated operating procedures. The meet requirements and are always looking at ways to improve our services. We sell hundreds and thousands of refurbished pallets and we are proud of the number of trees we have saved.

Our Recycling Process

We are on hand to handle recycling your wooden pallets. This will allow them to be able to have a long life and a range of practical uses. Our aim as a business is to reduce timber waste and cause as little damage to the planet as possible.

We will try to refurbish and repair wooden pallets but when we can’t, we will recycle them. Your timber pallet will never end up in landfill, instead we will strip and dismantle the pallet into reusable components. We use our high-quality pallet dismantling machine to save the parts that we can reuse again. If we can’t reuse the parts, we send them to a chipping facility.

Second hand pallets are typically lower in cost than new pallets, even if the quality is similar. By recycling more and buying recycled products, businesses can help the whole recycling ecosystem continue, of pallet users and recyclers.

Why Recycle Your Wooden Pallets?

If wooden pallets aren’t recycled, they end up in landfill which has damaging effects on the local environment. By recycling wooden pallets, not only are they saved from ending their life in landfill, but they can have value in new ways.

By recycling timber materials to create new products, less natural resources have to be harvested and manufactured into goods. This can preserve trees, which although are renewable take time to regrow. Recycling pallets can help preserve fossil fuels, as the recycled wood may become biomass fuel.

By saving the number of trees felled, recycling pallets can help minimise the consequences of climate change. Trees naturally process carbon dioxide and help to reduce the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Landfill sites also contribute to greenhouse gases, so keeping things out of it can greatly benefical the environment.

 Recycle Your Wooden Pallets Today!

We are proud to offer our wooden pallet collection service to help minimise wastage. We offer our collection service across the UK.

We will pay for your pallets, depending on type, location and quantity. Please note we need a minimum of 50 pallets for our collection services. Get in touch today and we will be able to help you recycle your pallets. We can guarantee that any timber pallets we collect from you will be either recycled or repurposed and won’t end up in landfill.

Get a quote today to get informed on our prices. Simply fill out our contact form with your details and specifications, including the exact product you are interested in and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, call our team on 03301 757766, and we can discuss our wooden pallet recycling process.

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