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Discover The Creative Uses For Wooden Pallet Collars

11 Aug 2023

Creative Uses for wooden pallet collars

Do you have many wooden pallet collars left over from a recent shipment and are unsure of what to do with them?

Discover the creative uses for wooden pallet collars with Associated Pallets! We’ve built a list of creative uses for wooden pallet collars below so that you won’t have to send them to landfills. Learn how to reuse your collars, or buy new or used wooden pallet collars, pallets, and accessories on our website for your next project today.


One of the most popular creative uses for wooden pallet collars is using them for gardening. It’s very easy to set up wooden pallet collars as raised planter beds to plant all sorts of flowers and vegetables! All it takes is a few basic tools, the correct soils, your desired seeds, and your wooden pallet collars.

Because the wooden pallet collars already are held together by their metal hinges, it can reduce the amount of labour, tools, and materials necessary to build. You can find a detailed guide on the creative uses for wooden pallet collars as planters here on our website.

Garden Tool Storage

If our first creative use for wooden pallet collars piqued your interest, why not use them to build a cost effective storage area for your freshly used garden tools? At Associated Pallets, we also offer wooden pallet collar lids and plastic collar stacking corners that can turn your wooden pallet collar into a protective, enclosed storage container. By stacking the pallet collars on top of each other, you can build a taller and deeper container to suit your specific needs. Whether you have gloves and boots to store, or big shovels and rakes, with enough collars, anything is possible!

Bird House

Alternatively, rather than stacking wooden pallet collars to build a container, another creative use for wooden pallet collars is birdhouses! Just stack the collars to a reasonable height, attach a lid, and use a pencil or marker to outline an area for the bird’s door. Then, cut out the door using basic tools.

Depending on the size of your wooden pallet collars, you could even take this creative idea further and build small homes for all sorts of critters! Just be sure to create plenty of ventilation points and make the openings big enough for animals to get in and out safely.

Dog Bed

Nail on extra pieces of timber to fill the gaps within the pallet base, and fill the interior with thick blankets, pillows, and their favourite stuffed animals. Viola, you have a great dog bed for all shapes and sizes! Make it easier for your pup to climb in and out with some basic tools to carve a groove into the front of the wooden pallet collars. For the finishing touch, you can sand the wood to ensure a smooth, splinter free experience.


The perfect winter use for wooden pallet collars and pallets, all it takes is a bit of snow and a hill! Pallets are already in a close configuration that mimics that of store bought sledges, and collars can add a small amount of shielding for kids!

Just attach some thick string or rope as a handle, latch down the collar on the pallet, and glue it in place for additional structural support for peace of mind. 

Toy Box

Tried and true, our final recommended creative use for wooden pallet collars is the humble children’s toy box! Perfect for outdoor toys like sports equipment, helmets, water guns, and all sorts of playthings. Sometimes, the original use can still be used! Pallet collars are some of the best ways to store important objects, so why not continue using them for what they’re made for? 

You can even get creative with tailoring the box to a specific individual’s style with paints and paintbrushes. Fun for the whole family!

Associated Pallets For Wooden Pallet Collars

In conclusion, there is no reason ever to throw out your old collars and pallets! Even if you aren’t interested in any of the projects we’ve covered today, you can still give your unwanted products a new lease on life by filling out our online collection form. We’ll be more than happy to take them off your hands and refurbish them to keep our environment safe and eco friendly.

Additionally, if something interests you and you’d like to get started, check out our product collection here on our website.

Wooden Pallet Collar Prices

Want to get started on one of these projects? The creative uses for wooden pallet collars don’t end here; our website has many more to discover. Buy new and used wooden pallet collars directly via our checkout service, or request a quote for more specific orders. For any questions, fill out our online contact form or give us a call at 03301757766.

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    Discover The Creative Uses For Wooden Pallet Collars

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