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Cost Effective Pallet Recycling

02 Dec 2016

Many businesses use wooden pallets to help with the handling of materials. They make moving and transporting goods much easier, which naturally also reduces costs. Since less manpower is required for handling items on pallets, they are widely used in industries such as construction, transport and logistics. Pallets can be re-used in industry, but there does come a time when they are no longer useful. Rather than regarding them as a problem, many business owners have realised that used pallets can be effectively recycled for many different purposes. In addition to being cost-effective, this also has environmental benefits.

pallet recycling

Interior Design

Artisan producers of recycled and upcycled furniture frequently search for wooden pallets for sale. Interior items manufactured from second hand wooden pallets are extremely popular at present, with everything from headboards to sofas displaying the characteristics of reclaimed wood. The pallets can be left in their natural state or stained in any colour to complement the d├ęcor. After staining, most craftspeople prefer to apply some kind of protective finish to the

In addition to their use in domestic interiors, recycled wooden pallets are often used to add character to public spaces such as restaurants and specialist shops. They lend themselves very well to shelving projects and to wall-mounted artworks. With so many designers needing pallets, it can be very beneficial to your business to recycle them.

Larger Projects

Since instructional videos are so freely available on the internet, many people are encouraged to undertake DIY projects that involve the use of second hand wooden pallets. Garden buildings such as sheds, chicken houses and even summer houses can be constructed from pallets much less expensively than by buying new timber or ready-made garden buildings. Constructions made from wooden pallets also have the advantage of looking individual and having more character than mass-produced buildings.

Pallets are also very popular for the manufacture of garden furniture and other items. Everything from tables to swing chairs, archways and raised beds can be made with the wood from recycled pallets.

Pallets have also been used in the construction of pathways in public amenities such as parks and golf courses, and some are made of soft wood suitable for the construction of play equipment such as climbing frames, swings and slides.

The Environment

By recycling your used pallets, you are helping the environment. The wood does not end up in landfill, and levels of deforestation are reduced. Other benefits include reduced soil erosion and a cleaner environment. For the individual business, recycling reduces their carbon footprint and helps to enhance their reputation as an ethical business.

The benefits of recycling your used wooden pallets when they have come to the end of their useful life are numerous. Reduced waste disposal costs, revenue from sales of pallets and supporting greener environmental policies are some of the major advantages business owners will experience if they commit to recycling their old wooden pallets.

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