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Euro Pallets Prices Portsmouth

10 May 2023

Euro pallets Portsmouth

Euro pallets are the perfect choice for Portsmouth businesses looking to transport their goods overseas to Europe. Associated Pallets can supply both new and used Euro pallets to suit a wide variety of needs to both Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.

Learn more about Euro pallets, what they are, and how they can benefit you below:

What Are Euro Pallets? 

Euro pallets are a specific size of pallet that is used as a standard across Europe. The size of a Euro pallet is 1200x800mm and can come in a variety of styles for easy stacking or transporting. Any Portsmouth business or warehouse can benefit greatly from investing in wooden Euro pallets, as storing and transporting goods to Europe with them can save time and money by preventing the need to unpack and repack the product onto standardised pallets once they arrive across the ocean.

Most wooden pallets are heat treated, and those that need to be sent to other countries are typically heat treated to avoid any nasty bugs from causing contamination. We take the hygiene of our products seriously, which is why Associated Pallets offers a heat treating option for most of our wooden products.

Discover Associated Pallets’ great range of new and used Euro pallets on our website today.

Strong & Reliable

Wooden Euro pallets are incredibly durable and can handle heavy duty loads allowing for efficient handling and storage. Associated Pallets uses robust wood from reliable and sustainable sources, so you can have peace of mind that your Euro pallets can withstand almost any job so long as they are stored and handled correctly.

Our Euro pallets are easy to repair and are extremely cost effective. Plus, their high weight capacity makes them perfect for larger transportation across ships or trucks. 

Your Portsmouth business can enjoy safer handling thanks to the easy to stack design of our Euro pallets. The balance, coupled with the high friction of the wood, makes them great at combining together for efficient storage usage, whether in the back of a truck or somewhere within a warehouse. The increased friction can also help prevent knocks or blows from tipping the pallet towers too, for a reduced risk of accidents.

Sustainable & Recyclable

One of the main benefits of wooden Euro pallets is how easy they are to recycle. Once the Euro pallets reach the end of their lifecycle, they can either be easily repaired and put back into service, or they can be recycled into a different product or into wood chips. There’s no reason to leave wooden Euro pallets in a landfill! Additionally, as the primary component of the pallet is wood, they are easy to make sustainably by ensuring that our products are manufactured from well-grown, environmentally friendly sources.

Wooden Euro pallets can be used for a whole host of different uses! Check out some of our other blogs to find out creative ways you can reuse and recycle your Euro pallets today.

At Associated Pallets, we provide a comprehensive recycling service for wooden pallets across the UK. If you have unused wooden Euro pallets or other similar products, give us a call today at 03301 747 766 or fill out our collection form on our website.

Why Choose Associated Pallets?

Associated Pallets is proud to supply a broad range of reliable wooden pallets across the UK. We can provide fast delivery times, and our easy checkout service makes getting your order ready simple without the need to wait around for a quote. 

All our wooden pallets, including our Euro pallets, are heat treated to comply with ISPM 15 international standards, making us a perfect choice for anyone looking to ship their products overseas. Learn more about our heat treatment here on our website.

We believe in creating sustainable, environmentally friendly products, and to uphold that belief, we offer a wooden pallet recycling service. If you have any unwanted pallets, then fill out our collection form, and we can take them off your hands, refurbish them, and get them back into circulation. Or, for pallets too damaged for reuse, we can recycle them into wood chips to ensure they don’t end up in a landfill but instead continue to help the environment!

Euro Pallet Prices Portsmouth

Buy new or used Euro pallets for your Portsmouth warehouse or business today from Associated Pallets! We can provide you with speedy delivery times, including next-day delivery to Portsmouth if ordered before midday! The Euro pallets we supply can be heat treated for full peace of mind. If you’re looking for other wooden pallet products, then discover the rest of our range on our website; we’re sure to have something to suit your needs.

Fill out our online contact form or give us a call today at 03301 747 766 to talk to a friendly member of staff. We’d love to hear from you!

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