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New Corrugated Pallets Hit the US

13 May 2015

The majority of pallets that are used across the globe are manufactured from wood or plastic. These materials still dominate the market, but now we are seeing a new arrival into the pallet sector. The corrugated pallet has been developed by a US business, Lifdek. How can these pallets be used, and what benefits will they bring to businesses? Can corrugated pallets overtake the usage of wood and plastic, or will they simply serve as a useful addition to the market?

Uses of Corrugated Pallets

The main areas of use for these types of pallets are within the point of purchase (POP) sector. POP display units are becoming increasingly popular within global retail outlets as a means of attracting customers to key products and those on offer. These pallets are an efficient means of displaying the goods.

Why Are They Useful for Businesses?

The corrugated pallets are extremely cost-efficient, and they aim to provide the cheapest cost-per-use option that is available. As there is less initial cost for brands, they are an ideal option for POP displays.

The fast-moving consumer goods market has some unique requirements and is a major player in the packaging sector. These corrugated pallets were specially designed to meet the requirements that they had for a display-friendly pallet. It brings about significant reductions in the costs of storing and transporting empty pallets, as they are delivered and stored as flat units. The pallets can also be easily recycled at the end of their life along with other corrugated materials.

They can be manufactured in a range of sizes and designs. It is also possible to easily accommodate specific dimensions, enabling retailers to make the best use of the space they have available and create attractive POP display units.

Benefits over Wood and Plastic

One of the key benefits of these corrugated pallets is that they are extremely lightweight. This makes them easy to handle without the risk of employees injuring themselves. They are also ideal for storage, as they fold completely flat when not in use. The pallets are manufactured from a single section of corrugated material. This can then easily be folded into place when required without the need for any staples or adhesive. A pallet can be constructed in less than 20 seconds. The pallets may be cheap and fast to manufacture, but they still remain strong, durable and sustainable.

These corrugated pallets are designed as single-use units, and they can be recycled once a business has finished with them. This eliminates the risk of contaminating goods, as they are only used once. So these units are safer for food, beverage and pharmaceutical products.

Corrugated pallets are an ideal solution for specific retail applications. In some instances, they do have benefits over wooden and plastic pallets, but they will never be able to completely take over from these other materials. Wood and plastic will remain as the dominant materials for pallet production, as they are still the primary players in the logistics and packaging industry.

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