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How Are Wooden Pallets Constructed?

05 Oct 2023

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Wooden pallets may seem like simple platforms for shipping and storage, but their construction is far from elementary.

In this detailed blog post, we’ll take you through the fascinating process of how wooden pallets are constructed, from the selection of materials to their final assembly. Plus, we’ll discuss the essential factors that influence wooden pallet prices.

The Anatomy of Wooden Pallets

Before delving into the construction process, let’s understand the basic structure of wooden pallets. Wooden pallets consist of three main components:


These are the flat, horizontal boards on the top and bottom of the pallet, which provide support and a stable surface for the goods being transported or stored.

Stringers or Stringer Boards

These are the vertical boards that run perpendicular to the deckboards, typically two to four in number. Stringers provide stability to the pallet and serve as the primary load-bearing elements.

Blocks or Bottom Deckboards

In some pallet designs, instead of stringers, there are solid blocks or additional deckboards that support the deckboards from below. These are more commonly found in block-style pallets.

Now, let’s explore how these components come together to create a wooden pallet.

Step 1: Material Selection

The construction of a wooden pallet begins with the careful selection of raw materials. The type of wood used can vary, with popular choices including hardwoods like oak, softwoods like pine, or a mix of both. The choice depends on factors like load capacity, durability, and cost.

Step 2: Cutting and Shaping

Once the wood is selected, it undergoes precision cutting and shaping to create the various components of the pallet. The deckboards are cut to uniform sizes, while the stringers or blocks are shaped to the required dimensions. Precision in this phase is crucial to ensure the pallet’s structural integrity.

Step 3: Assembly

Now comes the heart of pallet construction—assembly. This can be done using a variety of methods, such as nailing, stapling, or even advanced techniques like heat treatment and adhesives for specialized pallets. The assembly process must adhere to strict quality standards to ensure the pallet’s reliability.

Step 4: Heat Treatment and Pest Control

For pallets destined for international shipping, heat treatment is often employed to meet ISPM 15 regulations. This involves subjecting the pallet to high temperatures to eliminate pests and pathogens.

Step 5: Quality Inspection

Quality control is an integral part of the construction process. Pallets are rigorously inspected for defects, ensuring that they meet industry standards for load-bearing capacity and durability.

Step 6: Branding and Marking

In many cases, pallets are branded or marked with essential information such as the manufacturer’s logo, production date, and any relevant certification marks. This helps in tracking and identifying pallets during their lifecycle.

Factors Influencing Wooden Pallet Prices

Now that we’ve unraveled the intricate construction process, let’s explore the factors that influence wooden pallet prices:

Type of Wood

The choice of wood significantly impacts the cost, with hardwood pallets generally being more expensive than softwood ones.

Pallet Size

Larger pallets require more material and labor, making them pricier than standard-sized pallets.

Construction Method

The complexity of the assembly process, including any special treatments, can affect the final cost.


Pallets designed for specific purposes, such as pharmaceuticals or automotive, may come at a premium due to their specialized features.

Customisation ensures that pallets seamlessly integrate into specific supply chain processes, optimising efficiency and safeguarding the integrity of goods.

While these specialised pallets may command a higher price, the benefits they offer in terms of reduced product damage and enhanced operational efficiency often justify the investment.


Ordering pallets in bulk often leads to cost savings per unit.

Furthermore, bulk orders help in optimising storage space. Since pallets are typically stored efficiently in stacks, businesses can take advantage of increased storage density, reducing warehousing costs. This efficiency in storage not only translates into cost savings but also enables better inventory management.

Bulk orders also contribute to a stable supply chain. Having an ample supply of pallets readily available ensures uninterrupted operations, minimising potential delays caused by pallet shortages.

Regulatory Compliance

Wooden pallets meeting international standards for heat treatment may be costlier due to the added certification process.

Achieving and maintaining compliance with ISPM 15 involves rigorous procedures. Pallet manufacturers must use approved heat treatment methods, monitor and record treatment parameters, and ensure that the pallets meet specific moisture content requirements. The certification process adds both time and cost to wooden pallet production.

For businesses involved in international shipping, the cost of compliant pallets is often outweighed by the benefits of avoiding potential quarantine issues or shipment rejection at border crossings. These wooden pallets provide peace of mind by ensuring that goods arrive at their destination without delays caused by regulatory non-compliance.


Wooden pallets are more than just basic platforms; they are meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of industries worldwide. Understanding their construction process and the factors influencing their prices can help businesses make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right pallets for their operations.

For competitive wooden pallet prices and a wide selection of wooden pallet options, check out Associated Pallets. We provide top-quality wooden pallets designed to meet your specific requirements. Use our online quoting engine for instant pricing or contact us at 03301757766  to discuss your wooden pallet needs. Choose quality and reliability with Associated Pallets.

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