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Pallet Market Booming in Spain

11 Oct 2015

It is official. The boom in using pallets by businesses is continuing to flourish. To prove this point, FEDEMCO conducted a survey involving over 300 packing and distribution firms, with the results highlighting that in excess of 363 million pallet transactions took place in the Spanish market in 2014. These figures relate to both new and used wooden pallets. Compared to the previous year, this represented a 2% increase. FEDEMCO confirmed from its survey that 45% of the wooden pallets were rented and the remaining 55% were bought, including single-use pallets and the European type.

To further reinforce this growing trend in the use of pallets, INE statistics show that in 2014 more than 43 million pallets were manufactured, representing a 2% increase compared to 2012.

Why Pallet Use Is Booming

Pallets are a popular product for transporting a wide range of goods, and this stark increase in pallet use can be attributed to the extensive array of businesses that now rely on using pallets to transport and ship items. The wholesale pallets trade and intermediaries and manufacturers of other non-metallic mineral products are believed to be some of the biggest sectors responsible for using pallets, whilst rental pallets are in greatest demand for businesses in the food, wholesale and retail sectors.

New Versus Used Pallets

According to the survey conducted by FEDEMCO, 199 million transactions related to reused pallets. Of the 63% of respondents claiming to reuse pallets, 49% were reused by the individual and 14% were used through a recovery manager. The remaining 37% of respondents were broken down into 24% using new pallets and 13% using pallets imported in transactions overseas.

Continuing Growth

Although the results from FEDEMCO relate to 2014, it is widely believed that the booming growth in pallet use in Spain will be mirrored across the rest of Europe and will continue to increase for this year and beyond.

It is not hard to appreciate why pallets are experiencing such a boom. Used as a sturdy and reliable product for shipping goods from place to place, pallets are incredibly convenient and functional. Pallets can be used by every size of company and for lots of different purposes, giving them huge versatility. Whether a business is looking to buy  wooden pallets, new or used, there are lots of options to suit every need and every budget.

Although pallets made from wood are the most popular choice, consumers can also opt for plastic pallets, further increasing the options available. Pallets also get repeated use and are environmentally friendly – they are often made from sustainable and recycled materials. Even if you decide to buy wooden pallets, it will still arrive in excellent condition, so you can expect a long shelf life and safe and secure storage and transportation of your products.

Associated Pallets has a wide range of pallet options to suit different types of needs and budgets, including new and used and wooden and plastic versions.

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