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Pallet Wraps Southampton

11 May 2023

Pallet Wrap Southampton

Pallet wrap can be a cost-effective but valuable tool to help keep your products safe during transport to or from Southampton on your pallets. Your Southampton warehouse or business could benefit from increased security and hygiene by investing in new pallet wrap from Associated Pallets.

Why Use Pallet Wrap?

While products are in transit and stored using wooden or plastic pallets, sometimes the journey isn’t exactly smooth. Pallet wrap can help keep products in place and prevent them from being damaged or lost. Pallet wrap can also prevent pallets from tipping over while stacked together, making for a safer warehouse environment. 

Pallet wrap is easy to use, cost-effective, and could save your Southampton business money in the long run by reducing the risk of damaging accidents or products.

Heat Shrink Pallet Wrapping

For the most tight-fitted pallet wrap, the use of a heat shrinking tool can be used to shrink the pallet wrap around the pallets and products. This method can be a perfect tool for irregularly shaped loads. 

If your Southampton warehouse doesn’t have a heat shrinking tool, heat shrink bags are also available and can provide a faster, more streamlined wrapping experience. Most of them come with their own instructions, making it easy to get an efficient result every time.

It’s always a good idea to carry out any heat-shrinking tool using the appropriate instructions and following the manufacturer’s specifications. However, a general rule of thumb to follow is to begin the shrinking process by applying it to the lower areas of the wrap first and then work upwards. Doing this smoothly and evenly across all sides of the wrap can make it simple to get a consistent wrapping almost every time. Be sure to check the wrap once finished for any issues, however, in order to prevent tears or products from bulging out.

Heat shrinking is a great way to make the most out of your pallet wrap if you tend to have uneven and difficult-to-wrap loads. The downside is that it requires bespoke tools to manipulate the pallet wrap.

Manual Pallet Wrapping

Manual pallet wrapping can be a great alternative to heat shrinking if you have an even load or don’t have the need for as tight of a fit.

To use our pallet wrap manually, you should start by attaching the end of the wrap to the pallet itself to prevent any unwanted movement. Then, once it is in place, pull the pallet wrap close to the base and slowly circle the pallet on foot, completing three to four circuits to create a sturdy base. 

Once this has been completed, simply begin to wrap higher and higher up the pallet load, ensuring that the layers overlap slightly for maximum strength. 

After everything has been completed, be sure to add a final layer to seal everything in place and perform the steps in reverse order, going down from the top consistently.

At the bottom of the wrap, cut it and tie it securely to the base of the pallet, and then make sure that the wrap isn’t torn or bulging anywhere.

Why Choose Pallet Wraps From Associated Pallets?

Associated Pallets provide a wide range of pallet products, including a variety of pallet wraps to suit all kinds of needs! Our pallet wraps come in either black or clear so that you can have increased privacy within your Southampton warehouse. 

While our pallet wrap may be made of plastic film, we pride ourselves on our ability to recycle most of our products. We offer an excellent collection and recycling service for wooden pallets across the UK, and when you choose Associated Pallets you can expect speedy delivery of sustainable, cost-effective products.

Our website is accessible and our menus are easy to navigate. Thanks to our cart and checkout service and impressive collection of pallets and pallet wrap, your Southampton business can get everything it needs in just a few clicks without the need to wait around for a quote. Discover our new and used pallets today, and begin your next order of pallet wraps to keep your Southampton loads secure and safe.

Pallet Wrap Prices Southampton

Purchase your pallet wrap and help keep your transported products safe as they come and go from Southampton with Associated Pallets. Our easy to navigate website has all kinds of pallet products, including a variety of pallet wraps to suit your needs. Thanks to our speedy checkout system, you won’t have to wait around for a quote. Just add the items you need to your cart to get started now.

Call us today on 03301 757 766 or fill in our online contact form with your details and queries, and a friendly member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. We’d love to hear from you!

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