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Wooden Pallets For Sale

02 Aug 2022

Wooden pallets for sale

If you are looking for outstanding, high-quality, versatile wooden pallets for sale, look no further than Associated Pallets. We are experts at providing pallets that customers can use in a variety of ways. From transportation to superb storage, our pallets are well equipped for any task.

We use sustainable wood that has been carefully sourced to ensure we are doing our part in protecting the environment. Additionally, we have used wooden pallets for sale that can be purchased and make great DIY projects and storage units.

The wooden pallets for sale are distributed across the UK, Ireland and even Internationally! Should you reside in the UK, make sure to use our same-day delivery service on orders made by noon. Chris Packham recently purchased his pallets using our delivery service and was able to get all the wood required for his next project instantly.

Contact our team today to order your pallets. You can purchase our product using our online checkout; it’s quick and easy to use. Alternatively, if you have any questions about our wooden pallets for sale, call 03001 757 766.

Types Of Pallets Available

Improve your storage and shipping capability with our outstanding range of wooden pallets. There is a wide selection available to purchase. All our pallets can offer our customers superb benefits, including being customisable, sustainable and highly durable. You can purchase our pallets today using our online checkout system. Go to our products page to browse our full collection of wooden pallets for sale.

New Wooden Pallets

New wooden pallets are made using sustainable wood that has been specifically sourced to ensure that we aren’t heavily impacting the environment. They are available in a range of sizes and can be customised should you not find the pallet size suitable for what you require. Manufactured to meet ISO high-quality standards, new pallets are a great choice.

Additionally, they are heat treated to meet shipping requirements. This ensures that they are protected from pests and decrease the chances of contamination during transport. If you require your goods to be transported outside of the UK, you will require heat-treated pallets to ensure they are in line with ISPM 15 international standards.

Wooden pallets for sale near me

New Recycled Wooden Pallets

As part of our environmental commitment, no additional trees are cut down to make our new recycled wooden pallets. Save a fully grown tree from being cut down by purchasing our pallets. You can ensure a tree is saved for every 50 to 100 of our new recycled pallets that are ordered.

Since adding the bespoke recycled range as an option, we have saved 26 cubic metres of timber, which equals 67 trees! The new recycled wooden pallets offer many of the same benefits as our new pallets, with the added benefit of being even more sustainable.

Used Wooden Pallets

Used wooden pallets are refurbished to meet our high standards and are available at around 60% of the cost of a new pallet. This makes them a popular choice for many of our customers. They have been carefully sourced and refurbished to be fit for use in shipping and transportation.

Our used pallets are also popular for use in DIY projects. For example, Chris Packham has made use of our used pallets as part of his log store project. Additionally, HMV has purchased our products to be used as part of their display and storage units. You can browse through our selection of used wooden pallets for sale here.

Presswood Pallets

Our Presswood pallets range is a highly cost-effective solution for transporting your items. Available in various sizes, these pallets are ideal for delivering your goods all across the country. They have a range of benefits, including being incredibly durable, reusable, and environmentally friendly.

You can also easily recycle the pallets once they reach the end of their use. This makes them a great option for cost-effectiveness and sustainability. Take a look at our Presswood pallets for sale here.

Wooden pallets for sale in the UK

Pallet Uses

One of the main and most popular uses for wooden pallets is as a means of transporting and shipping items all across the world. Our pallets make for an excellent choice for shipping, as they can be manufactured to meet the EU and ISPM 15 International standards.

Although, transportation isn’t the only reason customers purchase our products. Wooden pallets can hold all kinds of usage, including as a DIY project! Customers have purchased our outstanding pallets to create unique home furniture, including coffee tables, chairs, sofas, outside seating and even bookcases! You can purchase our products by using our online checkout. It makes ordering in bulk a lot easier, and you will be able to detail the required specifications.

Distribution Area

Thanks to our extensive distribution network, we can provide our service worldwide. Should you reside in the UK and require urgent delivery, providing you receive the request by noon, we can usually supply you with either same-day or next-day delivery.

For international deliveries, it usually takes between 2 – 3 days. Please note if you are ordering our pallets internationally, you’ll have to request a quotation instead of going through the online store. Should you have any delivery questions, please call on 03301 757 766.

Wooden Pallets For Sale Prices

Purchase the wooden pallets for sale on our site online today! Choose which wooden pallets you would like to have, and then proceed to our checkout page. You’ll be able to select what size and the amount you require upon checkout.

If you need to contact us at all, you can call on 03301 757 766 or use the online contact form. A member of our team will be happy to assist you in any way they can.

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