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Used Wooden Pallets Portsmouth

08 Apr 2021

used wooden pallets portsmouth

Choose used wooden pallets for your business or project in Portsmouth. Our popular pallets can help you save money over time, without compromising on quality. These come in a variety of sizes, weight and load capacity to suit your needs perfectly. Used wooden pallets are around 60% of the cost of new pallets, making them a worthwhile purchase.

Used pallets are refurbished wooden pallets, made to function just like newly constructed products. Each used wooden pallet is in line with high-performance standards. By reusing existing pallets, we are helping the ecosystem by preventing trees from getting cut down.

We are proud to offer 25 years of industry experience and knowledge. We always ensure longevity in wooden pallets, they are made using careful planning, innovative manufacturing and high-quality materials. You can rely on use as a leading wooden pallets manufacturer. Explore our used wooden pallet options today.


There is an expansive range of uses for our used wooden pallets. No matter what your requirements in Portsmouth, we can accommodate you with our pallet options.


As they are incredibly versatile, used wooden pallets are perfect for DIY projects. They can easily be part of a project to help decorate your home or commercial building. You can rely on our pallets to pass all the essential inspection tests, meaning they are fit for purpose as soon as they are delivered.

Upcycling used wooden pallets can completely transform your home. You may be looking to create a unique seating area outside, yet want a cost-effective solution to enjoy your garden area. Alternatively, you could choose a pallet for a unique table or shelving unit inside your home.


Used wooden pallets can be used as storage units, for a cost-effective solution. Utilise your warehouse space and efficiently store your goods with these wooden pallets. They will keep the items secure and protected, making them easy to retrieve and pack.

There are seven storage methods which you can use to successfully store your goods. Each one of these methods has its own unique purpose, based on your needs. They include:

  1. Block stacking
  2. Stacking frames
  3. Single-deep pallet rack
  4. Double deep rack
  5. Drive-in rack
  6. Pallet flow rack
  7. Push back rack


Handling deliveries almost certainly requires the use of pallets, with businesses and industries choosing this simple method. Pallets are also known as a ‘transport unit’, ensuring a convenient and robust means of taking your goods to and from Southampton.

When the used wooden pallets are reconditioned, they are made to offer structural integrity. This makes them perfect for transporting goods, as they excel in withstanding heavy loads. Each of our used wooden pallets meets safety standards to ensure they are efficient for travel.

used wooden pallets portsmouth


Our used wooden pallet collection is one of the most environmentally friendly ways of reducing wooden pallet and timber wastage. It is an incredibly important part of promoting sustainable business. As a minimum, we comply with regulations and standards set out for improving sustainability and the environment. In fact, we have implemented a quality and environmental management system to the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.

In 2019, we sold approximately 245,000 refurbished wooden pallets that were put back into service. We also sent approximately 36 tonnes of scrap wood to be turned into wood chip which can then be used for many other uses. We can estimate that 245,000 wooden pallets are roughly 159 full artic loads. In turn, this means we saved roughly 8,900 average trees from being felled!

Used Wooden Pallet Prices

For your project needs in Portsmouth, choose our used wooden pallets. Head to our products section to explore our used wooden pallet options. You can choose your pallet size, add to cart and complete our quick and easy checkout. If you’re ordering in bulk, you can fill out our quotation form and we will get back to you with a price.

Get a quote today to find out more about the prices we offer. Just fill out our contact form with your details and specifications, including the exact product type you are after. We will give you a bespoke price as soon as possible on your wooden pallet needs. You can also use our contact form to ask us anything about our services.

Alternatively, you can call our freephone on 08000 288655, and we can discuss your preferred product. We can talk you through our various options and decide on the right wooden pallet for you. We understand each customer has a specific budget, so we work closely with you to find the ideal solution. We look forward to hearing from you.

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