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How to build a wooden planter box easily?

02 Jun 2023

wooden planter box

Did you like our tutorial on making a wooden planter but don’t have the tools to separate wooden pallets safely? Fret not because, at Associated Pallets, we have all kinds of products that can make the process easier! 

What You Will Need

Compared to our previous tutorial on how to build a wooden planter, you won’t need nearly as many tools or materials. All you need is listed below!

  • Compost and fresh loose soil or potting mix.
  • Wooden collar boxes or crates.
  • A drill, screwdriver, or knife.


  • Paintbrushes and paints.
  • Sticky tape.
  • Printer.
  • Printer paper.
  • Paper scissors.

Step 1: Make Drainage Holes

If your wooden collar boxes are built tightly together and don’t have any gaps or holes on their base or near the bottom of their walls, then it’s vital to create a couple of drainage holes. Without drainage holes, the longevity of your new wooden planter could be significantly reduced. 

Using a small knife, drill, or screwdriver, create a series of small holes throughout the base of your wooden collar box. These holes can help excess water to escape, preventing your plants from drowning.

Step 2: Fill Your Wooden Collar Box

Once adequate drainage holes have been made, it’s time to fill your wooden collar box! If possible, be sure to use loose and lightweight fresh soil that isn’t compacted, as this can make it difficult for your plants to grow. Potting mix is also commercially available at a number of garden retailers and is the best choice for your wooden collar box planters’ longevity!

Step 3: Plant Your Plants

Once the wooden collar box has been filled with your choice of soil or potting mix, you can begin planting! Using your finger, make a small hole for your seed or plant to nest within, and then once it is adequately placed, gently cover the hole again with the soil or mix.

Step 4 (Optional): Painting Your Planter

Bring out those paints and brushes if you’d like to make your wooden planter look extra special! Wooden collar boxes are easy to paint over with acrylics, only requiring a few coats to get them looking bright and colourful for the summer. For inspiration or to make things even easier for yourself, you can print stencils out from the internet and use tape to stick them to your pallet. With a stencil, it’s super easy to paint all sorts of crazy designs to make your DIY wooden planters stand out from the crowd.

A Bigger Challenge

If you’d like an even more significant challenge and have more wooden pallets or collar boxes, then check out some of our other DIY project blogs! Pallets and wooden collar boxes can be reused for all kinds of things, and they can make an excellent activity for kids this summer. From swimming pools to sheds and sandboxes, the possibilities are endless!

A bigger challenge could mean a bigger order of wooden collar boxes, and for genuinely bespoke orders, use our free quoting engine on our website!

Used Wooden Collar Boxes

If you need more wooden collar boxes for your products or DIY projects, check out our range of used wooden collar boxes and pallets. Used wooden collar boxes make a cost effective solution for those looking to repurpose them for creative uses, and all the used wooden collar boxes that we supply are refurbished to meet our high safety standards. 

We can offer a broad selection of collar boxes that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so there’s no need to go anywhere else. If you have any used wooden collar boxes or pallets you no longer need, fill out our online collection form! At Associated Pallets, we are proud to provide our excellent collection and recycling service across the UK, helping us prevent wooden pallets from ending up in landfills. Help us with our mission to keep our environment eco friendly, and call us today to take care of your unwanted pallets and collar boxes. We could even pay you for them!

Speedy Delivery Service

Need more wooden collar boxes or pallets for your DIY activities? Need them NOW? Then choose Associated Pallets for all your wooden collar box and pallet needs! We can offer expedient next day delivery on all orders made before 12:00 pm, so don’t delay and make your orders now with our handy checkout service.

Learn more about our delivery service and returns policy here on our website.

Wooden Collar Box Prices

Get all your new and used wooden collar boxes with Associated Pallets today! We can provide all kinds of wooden collar boxes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We also sell various pallet accessories, including pallet wraps and collars. For more bespoke orders, use our free online quoting engine. Call us today at 03301 757766, or fill out our online contact form, and a member of our expert team will answer any questions you may have.

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