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Tools to make pallets

25 Apr 2014

Wood is still the most popular type of material for pallet production. It is simple and cheap to manufacture them from wood and a variety of timbers can be used depending on the strength and durability that is required: for example oak, pine and birch. A pallet is fairly easy to construct using a few basic skills and a handful of tools.

Uses of a wooden pallet

A wooden pallet can be used in a number of different environments, both industrial and within the home. Amongst the business world they are used as an effective way of storing and transporting goods. Their uniform size and shape makes them easy to load and unload onto forklift trucks and they can be stacked whilst being transported or stored in warehouses. Pallets can also be used in the home for stacking goods and keeping everything neat and tidy. They’re a good way of storing items away from the ground.

Manufacturing a pallet

When a pallet is manufactured in bulk it will usually be built using the latest technology to ensure that it is suited for a particular use. If it is required for international transport it will also need to be heated treated and certified before it can be used.

However, wooden pallets can also be built at home if you have a basic grasp of carpentry. You’ll only need a few tools to carry out this task: some good quality wood, a hammer, some nails and a circular or table saw.

You’ll firstly need to cut nine lengths of wood using the saw, which measure 1000mm in length each. These will be used to form the top and the bottom of the pallet. Then you require three pieces of timber that are 1200mm long each, which will create the middle section of the pallet. It’s important to wear eye protection when operating the saw, to prevent small sections of timber damaging the eyes.

All the pieces can then be nailed together to create the pallet structure. You need to ensure that you’re using the right quantity of nails when building the pallet. Otherwise, it won’t be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the items you’ll be putting in it.

When the pallet has been built, you should give it a good sanding all over before you use it. This will prevent there being any rough or sharp edges, which could either injure someone carrying the pallet or damage the goods within it.

The pallet manufacturing process isn’t very complicated and it doesn’t require a large amount of tools. They were designed for their simplicity and cost effective production methods. This is probably why timber remains the most common source for a pallet today.

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