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Shipping Palletised Freight Into Europe

03 Dec 2018

Shipping palletised freight into Europe is relatively simple these days but it is worth doing some prior research and taking some extra precautions to ensure your shipment arrives safely. If you want your shipment to arrive without delay, damage or unexpected additional costs.

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Preventing Damage or Delays to your Pallet Shipment

It is important to not risk any damage or delays to your pallet shipment when delivering overseas. This can be done in a number of different ways, including packing your pallet correctly as well as choosing the safest form of transport for your pallet. Taking extra care when preparing and booking your shipment, it should be possible to avoid delays and damage. It is also advisable to have your shipment insured, in the event of anything happening, you will then be covered for any loss or damage which can help to prevent damage or delays to your shipment.

Delivering your Pallet Safely

The following are four ways to ensure that your pallet is delivered safely to its required destination:

Do your Research

All European countries prohibit many items such as firearms or drugs and there are restrictions on others such as alcohol or aerosols. Although many of these items are banned across all European nations, more specific items banned or limited will vary per country. So it is important to do your research into what the country you are delivering to and the restrictions they hold.

Select the Right Pallet

Choosing the right pallet to begin with can be the difference between choosing a pallet that is robust enough to withstand your goods and one that insufficiently does this. Another key part of choosing a pallet is to ensure, it is in the correct state that it is supposed to be in, with no missing blocks or boards. Pallets being delivered overseas must also not exceed the standard size of 1000mm x 1200mm.

Prepare your Load

If your load is not correctly protected, you may incur surcharges, or potentially refusal of collection. Your load must be stable on the pallet and securely wrapped to the pallet base using pallet shrink wrap for the highest level of safety. The pallet should be stacked with the heaviest items at the bottom and the weight should be evenly distributed across the base. If your pallet is uneven and therefore not stackable, you should mark your load clearly to state why it cannot be stacked upon.

Book Carefully

When deciding on a pallet delivery company, you must first check they have a good reputation by looking through customer reviews. Once the load is prepared, you will need to ensure the load is within the correct measurements, both height and weight. It is also advised that you insure your load with sufficient cover that protects your load from any damages.

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