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TIMCON’s AGM Highlights Itself as World-Leader

11 Oct 2014

At the annual general meeting of the Timber Packaging and Pallet Confederation (TIMCON), a number of new best practices and innovative methods were established for the production and handling of timber packaging and pallet solutions. Since the AGM concluded, the organisation has attracted praise on an international scale for their exceptional work in the industry

Industry Improvements

One key achievement of the AGM was the establishment of new best practices for the process of drying wood before it is heat-treated. This has helped ensure continued high standards and optimum quality in the production of heat-treated wooden pallets and packaging in the immediate future. They have produced a guide to the drying process using information from a Napier University Study, which is to be provided to TIMCON’s members at no charge.

President of TIMCON, John Dye, said in annual address that he was very pleased at the work that TIMCON had done.

Another aspect of TIMCON’s work that has drawn praise is their ongoing commitment to health and safety. This is shown by their attendance at Pallet Safety Group meetings and formed another prominent aspect of their AGM. Specifically, they were involved with restructuring the ISPM 15 safety document for pallet handling, and this was a significant issue discussed at the meeting. Dye’s annual address also highlighted the way TIMCON is working closely with the Health and Safety Executive, particularly through its technical subcommittee, which was only recently formed.

Safeguarding Supply

Another issue that TIMCON seeks to tackle is the availability of the necessary materials for the construction of pallets and other forms of timber packaging, and therefore the availability of pallets and packaging products themselves. It was pointed out in the annual address at their AGM that this may be a particularly pertinent issue in the near future. Dye highlighted significant improvements that have been seen in the construction industry over the course of the past twelve months. While these are largely good things and have had a positive impact on the economy, it has also led to a sharp increase in demand for high-quality timber. This, he pointed out, may put pressure on supply, and he believes that price rises are inevitable. Nonetheless, through their expertise and strong working relationships throughout the industry, TIMCON hopes to be able to mitigate the situation as far as possible.

These and other aspects of TIMCON’s work – such as their close relationship with DEFRA when working on the Packaging Waste Directive – have delivered solid improvements at all levels of the packaging industry, right down to the end user. The AGM highlighted this neatly, and praise from international quarters continues to flow in.

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