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Oct 17


Top Wooden Pallet Safety Tips

Wooden pallets are such a basic and universal part of logistics that we tend to take them for granted. However, this is a mistake because without proper caution and careful handling they can represent a significant hazard both in the warehouse and at other points in the supply chain. So here are some wooden pallet safety tips.   1. Is the Pallet Fit for Purpose? Take a good look at... Read More »

Oct 17


Teenager Uses Wooden Pallets to Rescue Drowning Dog

A 16-year-old-boy recently saved his yellow Labrador from drowning with used wooden pallets after his dog fell in the water at Baptiste Creek. Derek Buston, a student at the nearby Tilbury District High School, noticed his dog in the water and wasn’t sure what to do until he saw some used wood pallets nearby. He quickly ran over and used the pallets as floats across the thin ice so that he... Read More »

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