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Wooden pallets are a top choice among upcyclers

20 Nov 2016

Upcycling is the term used to describe the activity of turning old and tired objects into a new item. It’s a trend which has really taken off in the last decade, with social media platforms like Pinterest, Tumblr and YouTube making it easy for people to access tutorials and inspiration. Among some of the most popular upcycling projects are used wooden pallets, which are used to create all sorts of items, from pallet mazes and towers to stylish furniture and artwork.

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Why People Choose to Upcycle Pallets

Wood pallets are extremely adaptable and can be used to produce a wide range of useful items as well as stylish artistic pieces. Some may use them to create architectural structures, but others might have more creative visions. For example, pallets have been used to produce indoor and outdoor seating, and they’ve even been used in pieces of high-quality 3D artwork.

How People Go About Sourcing Them

Sourcing used wooden pallets as hobbyists can be quite difficult, as many companies are reluctant to sell to the general public. In addition, many customers have the impression that pallets are just scrap waste and therefore should be free. On the contrary, many companies sell whole and dismantled pallets and charge for them as actual products. After all, the demand is clearly there. Some companies, however, might see the arrival of hobbyists knocking on the doors as an opportunity to rid their site of waste material. If you have personally attempted to break up pallets yourself, then you will understand how difficult the process is and will be glad to pay for the privilege of getting already dismantled pallets.

Unfortunately, many customers also require help loading and transporting their desired pallets. What they may not be aware of, however, is the work and cost involved in the lives of used wooden pallets – for instance, the cost of procurement, transportation, storage and dismantling, all of which add to the wooden pallets price. Hobbyists may be able to get a good deal which may or may not include transportation, but it is almost certain that you will have to pay something, especially if you expect to receive the items in a dismantled condition. Not only is it more convenient to have a company dismantle the pallets for you, but it is also much better for your personal safety.

What Upcycling Has Done for the Pallet Industry

Upcycling has had a hugely positive influence on the pallet industry, as its primary message is to recycle and be innovative with our waste products. Raising awareness of upcycling opportunities is not only a great way to promote the benefits of wooden products but also for people to participate in saving our planet.

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