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Pallet DIY Projects

20 Mar 2016

Pause for a moment and consider the life of the humble wooden pallet. It has its moment of glory in delivering products, allowing for ease of handling and protection in transit. It’s then discarded or left to languish unloved in sheds or the corner of yards.

But it doesn’t have to be this way – the pallet can have a new lease of life after its initial use. If you don’t have spare ones lying around, there are plenty of second hand wooden pallets for sale to allow you try out some creative projects.

Good Wood

Most pallets, of course, are made of wood. They may have a rough surface which makes them look rather ugly, but they need to be strong so the timber is usually of decent quality. It can therefore have lots of uses once it’s cleaned up.

Outdoor Projects


There are plenty of outdoor uses for your old wooden pallets. You will find that a wooden pallets price is low, so it represents a saving over buying wood specifically for building projects. A pallet provides the ideal raw material for items like rabbit hutches or dog kennels.

It can also be used to create patio furniture such as coffee tables and seats or practical items such as benches for potting your plants. Given a coat of wood preserver, pallet furniture will last for many years.

You can use pallets as the basis for raised beds or planters too. If you want to attract wildlife into your garden, you can use wood from pallets to create nest boxes for birds or bats or to build a refuge for hedgehogs.

Indoor Projects


Of course, you can use pallet timber indoors too, though it might need a bit more work. It’s ideal for projects in rustic situations like country cottages or beach huts. Use light-coloured stains and show off features such as knots and nail holes rather than trying to hide them.

As with the outdoor projects, pallets can be the basis of tables, but they can also be used to make shelves and storage units that are great for bathrooms or utility spaces. You can use the wood as a backing board for mounting coat hooks or for fitting a blind or curtain rail.

Whatever you want to build, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to adapt a pallet to the task. There are plenty of second hand wooden pallets for sale and ideas and tutorials online, so let your imagination run wild.

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