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What is the lifespan of a pallet?

22 Mar 2023

Lifespan of a pallet

What is the lifespan of a pallet?

Curious to know what the lifespan of a wooden pallet is? On average, the usual timeframe for a wooden pallet is between 3 and 5 years. This will, of course, depend on other factors such as their usage, wood they’re made from, the condition they are kept in, frequency of how much they’re shipped, distance travelled, weight and size, as well as what they have been used for (DIY projects/good transportation). 

The benefit of wooden pallets 

Why should you choose wooden pallets? There are a lot of benefits to wooden pallets. Including how long they can last when looked after correctly. 

The main reason is how easy they are to recycle and reuse. As they are made from wood, a natural resource, once these pallets have reached the end of their use, instead of being taken to a landfill, they can be recycled. 

At Associated Pallets, we have a large variety of wooden pallets to choose from. We make it easy to get the right pallet for you, whether you require pallets on a budget or need to ensure that they will be able to be shipped across the world. 

Types of Pallets 

New Wooden Pallets 

New wooden pallets can last up-to five years of regular use in the correct conditions. By manufacturing and supplying new wooden pallets in a range of sizes and styles, we can ensure the needs of our customers are met. For example, the new wooden pallets are manufactured to meet ISO standards. This helps contribute to their long lifespan. Aside from their longevity, our new wooden pallets can also be produced in a bespoke size suited to your shipping or factory requirements. You can also have peace of mind that the wood used for the pallets has been sourced from sustainable woodland.

Used Wooden Pallets 

If you’re on a budget or would prefer a further eco-friendly option, our used wooden pallets are an excellent choice. These pallets have been reused from previous damaged or unwanted pallets that we have collected and refurbished to ensure that they meet our high standards. Usually, you’ll find these pallets to be around 60% cheaper than new wooden pallets. Suitable for shipping and DIY projects. Used wooden pallets have been given a new lifespan thanks to our work in ensuring that they have been correctly refurbished. With a wide range to choose from, you’ll find it easy to order used wooden pallets for your business. 

Heat Treated 

Are you planning to use our long-lifespan pallets for international shipping? Then make sure to choose pallets from our heat treated range. It is a requirement that pallets to be used for international shipping must meet ISPM 15 international standards. The reason for this is to prevent the spread of pests and diseases. Additionally, heat treatment is a great way of increasing a pallet’s durability and weather resistance. Ensure you have long-lasting pallets by choosing from our heat treated range. 

Presswood Pallets 

Also referred to as moulded wooden pallets due to their appearance, presswood pallets are manufactured from wood byproducts. Ideal for use in a storage facility, presswood pallets can hold a substantial amount of load capacities. Avoid replacing your pallets regularly by getting our presswood pallets, specifically designed to be ideal for storage usage. Another advantage to presswood pallets is that being made from wooden byproducts ensures that they are environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced. 

Case Studies 

Chris Packham DIY project

Chris Packham 

During 2023, Chris Packham ordered a large amount of wooden pallets from us to help with his DIY project. Not only did he know that our pallets are designed to last, but we were also able to provide him with a quick delivery service. To learn more about how we helped Chris with his DIY project, click here. 


Last year, Associated Pallets provided wooden pallets to HMV stores, including Southampton. This is because our pallets are designed to have a long lifespan and can be creatively reused in a number of different ways. To find out more about how we helped HMV create a sustainable display, click here. 

Why choose Associated Pallets for your wooden pallets?

At Associated Palelts, we take the needs of our customers to heart. As a family run business, we’ve ensured that the wood used for our pallets has been sustainably sourced. Additionally, you’ll find our prices to be fair and reasonable. 

Wooden Pallet Prices 

Order wooden pallets with a long lifespan by using our easy checkout system today. Available in a range of sizes and styles, it’s simple to use our site to find the pallets that you need. Should you have any questions about our services, please get in touch today using our online contact form or by calling our local number, 02380 667 999. We’ll be happy to help you. 


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