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Top Tips for Utilising Pallets in Your Garden

17 Jul 2015

With summer now well and truly under way, the thoughts of many will be turning to the subject of the garden. For people who have limited garden space, it can sometimes be quite difficult to achieve the desired effect and, at the same time, avoid making the garden look too cluttered. An effective way of achieving both of those aims is to utilise recycled pallets.

Wooden pallets are fast becoming the gardener’s best friend. Not only are they cost-effective, but they have the advantage of being incredibly versatile. From raised flower beds to an array of garden furniture such as tables, chairs and benches, pallets can be utilised in an astonishing number of ways in the garden. Furthermore, by using upcycled products, gardeners are helping to preserve the environment too.

The Perfect Raised Flower Bed

One of the most popular ways of incorporating wooden pallets in the garden is to turn them into raised flower beds. In fact, a pallet makes for arguably the easiest and most effective raised flower bed available. Not only do they look amazingly effective when complete, but they can also save gardeners a lot of time and effort in the long run. No more weeding and no more precious time spent trying to identify plants or flowers. It is not just flowers that can be grown in upcycled pallets either. They also make for a great location for growing vegetables too.

One of the biggest advantages to using wooden pallets as flower beds is their sheer versatility. They are equally effective whether utilised horizontally or vertically. Fitting them vertically, by attaching them to walls and fences, is a great way of saving space when room is limited. They also add something just that little bit different to the overall aesthetic appeal of the garden too.

Preparing Pallets for Use in the Garden

Before utilising wooden pallets in the garden, they need to be properly prepared to ensure that they are safe for use. Each pallet should be sturdy and in good condition in the first place. Any loose nails should either be hammered in firmly or, better still, removed altogether. The wood should then be thoroughly washed down with soapy water and a little bleach. In their former life, the pallets may have been used to store chemicals, so it is always best to ensure they have been thoroughly cleansed and allowed to dry completely before putting plants in them.

Upcycling wooden pallets in the garden is something that the whole family can become involved with and enjoy. The results can be extremely eye-catching, adding something extra and just a little bit different to the look and feel of a garden.

All of our used pallets have been refurbished to a very high standard, giving gardeners who wish to utilise them in the garden peace of mind. If you wish to make an order, simply get in touch!

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