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The Do’s And Don’t’s For Pallet Delivery

15 Nov 2018

Pallet delivery is an excellent way to ensure your business delivers the goods. Pallets are sturdy, stable platforms on which a huge range of items can be shipped from fresh produce to motor parts. A good courier can help keep business flowing with services like same day pick up so you can deliver on your promises to your customers. Here are a few useful tips on what to do and not to do for pallet delivery.

wooden pallet delivery

What To Do When Packing

A great habit to get into when packing your pallet delivery, is to maximise the space you are using. Ensuring that you pack as much as you can onto the pallet and this will in turn save both time and money, reducing the number of pallet deliveries that will be required to make.

Packing large items at the bottom of the pallet will ensure that there is an even weight distribution across the pallet. This will ensure that the pallet remains stable throughout its delivery and preventing any potential damages to the items being delivered.

Using pallet shrinking wrap to secure the load onto the pallet will help to make the pallet easier to load and maneuver around during delivery.

What Not To Do When Packing

When packing it is crucial to not leave any gaps on the pallet, as this will create a need for more deliveries than necessary which will cost more time and money.
Overhanging items on the pallet load is also something to avoid, this can create damages to the load being delivered and will then again cost more time and money to replace the load.

What To Do With Pallets

Ensuring you are aware of the different types and sizes of pallets to ensure that your company is not overpaying for the pallet delivery.
If you are in the mechanical industry, and are wanting to ship engines or gearboxes, it is crucial to ensure that you are drained out any liquids from the item in advance. This will save you time and money.

What Not To Do With Pallets

In order to get the pallet you wish to have for your requirements, it is always best to do so in advance to prevent any disappointments.

If you have an old pallet lying around, but you notice residue of mold, do not use this pallet even if an emergency. This pallet can contaminate your load and is more likely to chip and break during delivery which will cause you issues in transit.

During the pallet delivery process, it is strongly advised to be well researched and prepared to avoid any delays. Knowing the pallet size you want, and in advance can help you to avoid being disappointed. Packing your load tightly and ensuring you abide by the weight capacity of your pallet to avoid any damage to your load.

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