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Tips For Disassembling And Reassembling Wooden Pallet Collars

14 Aug 2023

Tips For Disassembling And Reassembling Wooden Pallet Collars

Are you interested in purchasing new or used wooden pallet collars to transport your goods safely and securely? 

Then check out our tip for disassembling and reassembling wooden pallet collars below!

At Associated Pallets, we have all sorts of wooden pallet collars available that can be used for all sorts of transporting and storing purposes. Our extensive range of products also includes new and used wooden pallets, from Euro to standard and non standard sizes.

What Are Wooden Pallet Collars?

Wooden pallet collars are incredibly versatile and useful tools used in tandem with wooden pallets! They are comprised of timber boards and metal hinges, creating a square or rectangular series of walls. Thanks to the metal hinges holding the boards together, wooden pallet collars can be collapsed very easily for storage and safekeeping.

Typically, wooden pallet collars are used to transform wooden pallets into a form of crates or boxes. Here at Associated Pallets, we also offer lids for our wooden pallet collars so that you can seal up your “boxes” to keep your products extra safe during transport, shipping, or storage.

Tips For Disassembling Wooden Pallet Collars

The first of our tips for disassembling wooden pallet collars is to ensure that the surrounding area is clear and that you have ample room to separate your wooden pallet collars. You don’t want to accidentally create a tripping hazard in your warehouse or office space. 

Second, if you have wooden pallet collars that are stacked atop a wooden pallet, ensure that you remove the topmost collar first. Avoid lifting anything from the bottom; they may be heavier than you think!

To easily remove collars from a stack, grip the boards tightly and lift them evenly straight up. Avoid tilting the wooden pallet collar or lifting it on one side, as this could cause the rest of the stack to tip or fall. If you have them, be sure to remove any plastic collar stacking corners from the wooden pallet collar.

After removing the collar from the stack, it’s very simple to push one of the boards to the left or right. This will cause the hinges to close and make the collar collapse into an easy to store flat shape.

Wooden Pallet Collars For Home Organisation

Tips For Reassembling Wooden Pallet Collars

Our tips for reassembling wooden pallet collars are incredibly simple to follow! By design, these products can be quickly deployed and assembled to store and ship large amounts of goods.

To open them, just grab the two boards and pull them gently and evenly. This will cause the hinges holding the boards together to extend, reforming the box like shape. Afterwards, you can restack them carefully atop your pallet, be sure to reapply your plastic collar stacking corners if you have them!

Tips For Using Wooden Pallet Collars Creatively

While the core purpose of wooden pallet collars is for storage and transport, they can be used in all sorts of creative ways! 

For example, a great way to repurpose wooden pallet collars is to turn them into planters for a garden or a birdhouse (or bird mansion!). As wooden pallet collars are made of long boards of quality timber, they can be entirely disassembled for use in any timber project. You can remove the screws holding the hinges in place or saw off the ends of the timber boards with a handsaw or power tool.

You could create anything from a simple shoe rack to a garden swimming pool with the timber boards alone! To learn more tips and tricks for how to use your unused wooden pallet collars creatively, check out some of our other blogs here.

Collar Stacking Corners

Another unique tip for disassembling and reassembling wooden pallet collars is to use collar stacking corners. These handy little plastic corner pieces can make stacking your wooden pallet collars easier and safer. They are a must have accessory if you’re looking to stack pallets and collars with heavy or valuable items to prevent unwanted falls and damage.

New & Used Wooden Pallet Collars

Choose Associated Pallets for all your pallet and collar needs! After learning all our tips for disassembling and reassembling wooden pallet collars, why not purchase your own collars on our website? We offer both new and used wooden pallet collars and can even provide heat treated ISPM15 compliant wooden products for international use.

If you have wooden pallet collars or pallets that you no longer need, then why not fill out our online collection form? We can ensure that your wooden pallet collars and pallets don’t go to waste!

Wooden Pallet Collar Prices

If you need more tips for disassembling and reassembling wooden pallet collars, then why not give our team a call at 03301757766, or fill out our online contact form? We’re always on hand to help answer any questions you may have. For more bespoke or large orders, use our free quoting engine to get an accurate price in just a few clicks. 

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