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10 DIY Summer Garden Pallet Ideas

03 May 2018

A pallet is something used by manufacturers, distributors and companies to transport various types of goods and equipment. Old pallets have many different uses. Here are just a few DIY summer garden pallet ideas.

wood pallet recycling

1. Wooden Pallet Benches

This is a good initial project when you are first trying out your carpentry skills. An ordinary wooden pallet can be quickly transformed into a stunning rustic bench. Use the pallet deck boards for the seat and the back of the bench. You can even use some of the spare deck boards as arms to finish off the look.

2. Wooden Sun Lounger

You will need to supplement your pallets with some 2×4 timber from a builder’s or reclamation yard. The stringer (large) timber sections of the pallet can be fixed close together to form a firm base which is placed on the 2x4s. Cover with an attractive padded cushion and you have the best DIY summer garden pallet ideas in the neighbourhood.

3. Pallet Tables

Pallets are perfect for making dining tables and coffee tables for al fresco entertaining. You can choose your own unique design and then finish them off with a pine stain for extra durability and class. It’s simple, quick and requires no expensive materials.

4. Swing Chair

A swing chair is a fun and functional centrepiece for any garden. Customise the seat using the stringers as the frame and the deck boards for the seat. Then fix on some chains to attach the seat to the frame. For extra flair, you can paint it in bright colours and complete with a bright waterproof cushion.

5. Outdoor Bar

An outdoor bar shows that you are serious about entertaining! For smaller gardens, a wine bar with a couple of shelves and a fold-down serving surface (supported by chains) can be constructed from deck boards. Or you can put together a larger bar using stringers as uprights and coat it with a generous lick of white paint for a beach vibe.

6. Kids’ Playhouse

Use whole pallets as the walls and deck boards for the roof. Complete with a waterproof covering and fit some doors. The kids will be kept amused for hours.

7. Garden Plant Pots

Simple square or rectangular plant pots made from the deck boards make a great addition to any garden. They can be stained for a classic style or painted in bright colours.

8. Recycling Bins

Recycling is all about reusing materials, so start by constructing a recycling bin from pallets. It’s basically a rectangular box with separate bins constructed from plyboard inside.

9. Pallet Signs

Pallet deck boards can be used to make a stunning background for any sign. Use any type of paints, sprays or coatings – the only limit is your imagination.

10. Pallet Lights

Pallet timber can be used to make attractive light pendants for outdoors. Upcycling is all the rage, and pallet light shades are the very latest in DIY summer garden pallet ideas.

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