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Caring For Wooden Pallets During Winter

01 Dec 2018

Winter care for your wooden pallets is vital because the adverse weather conditions can have severe impacts upon your pallets. To prevent damage to your pallets in the harsh winter weather, it is best that they are kept in a dry place to protect them from damaging conditions and excessive moisture.

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How Snow and Ice Affects your Pallet?

Wood has the ability to retain water just like a sponge. Therefore, when wooden pallets get covered in snow they start absorbing water. This can lead to the growth of mold in the pallets weakening their structural integrity. Ice can have equally severe impacts in making wooden pallets’ surface slick and a potential hazard.

How Rainy and Wet Weather Affects your Pallet?

Rain and wet weather can have a visual effect on your pallet quicker than snow or ice. It can cause wooden pallets to stain, increase the rate of mold growth or even damage the product on the pallet. This could obviously be very serious depending on the product. Most pallets are made from green lumber, meaning that the strength of it won’t be affected by the added moisture.

However, with the pallet repeatedly getting wet and drying out, the boards on the pallet can become more brittle and less flexible compared with a freshly processed board.

Winter Care for your Wooden Pallets – The Basics

Following these guidelines will allow you to best decrease the likelihood of your pallets succumbing to the harsh winter weather:

Check Them Everyday

There are many ways in which the integrity of a pallet can deteriorate, such as; cold weather, repeated use, heavy loads and moisture. Checking your pallets everyday allows you to detect any deterioration and take action to prevent any further damage to the pallet, before either replacing or repairing the broken pallet.

Keep Them Dry

The best place for your pallets to be stored is in a dry environment. This is because the easiest way to damage your pallet is by storing it in a moist environment. If they are kept outdoors they will need to be kept under a waterproof cover if there is a risk that they could be exposed to wet weather.

Consider the Material

Although plastic and metal pallets would be more expensive to use, if there is a high risk that that your wooden pallets could get wet and it is difficult to prevent this then maybe the only option could be to use a different material.

The best winter care for your wooden pallets is to keep them dry, check up on their quality regularly and the last resort is to potentially reconsider the material.

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