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Pallet Barns

30 Sep 2014

Timber pallets are well known for their benefits in the storage and logistics industries. However, they don’t have an infinite shelf life and are no longer practical for use in this way when their strength or durability deteriorates. There are many ways in which timber pallets can be recycled or up-cycled to create new products, including items for the home or garden. One of these uses is to take pallets and turn them into a pallet barn, which can be used for outdoor storage and protection.

Which Pallets Can Be Used?

There are often debates as to whether or not timber pallets are safe to be used for other purposes. Whilst some people would rather stay away from reusing pallets, others see them as a cheap and effective method of construction. It provides a sense of achievement when complete and enables you to produce an item that is unique in terms of the style and design.

Pallets can often be picked up for free or at a low cost. Therefore they are a cheap way of creating something new, especially if you have a few creative or DIY skills. However, it’s important to be aware of some of the issues before you start. That way you will end up with a safe and secure structure that lasts.

When you’re choosing pallets to use, it’s best to ensure that they have been heat-treated. Those that are used within the logistics industry will generally have to comply with ISPM15 regulations, which require them to have been treated to prevent the spread of insects and diseases. It’s important to know what the pallets were used for previously. The most suitable pallets for recycling are those that were used to transport dry goods, rather than food or chemicals.

Creating a Pallet Barn

Creating a barn from pallets might seem a highly skilled job, but it’s actually fairly simple to complete and doesn’t require a huge amount of experience. With just a few basic skills you can create a solid and permanent structure that can be used as an outside storage space for DIY tools, gardening equipment or toys.

Before you start working with any used pallets, it’s important to wash them thoroughly. This can be done with bleach or warm soapy water. Once they have dried, the pallets can be sealed or painted to achieve the desired effect and protect them from the elements.

The pallets can then simply be connected together using appropriately sized bolts to create the walls. The pallets should be sawn to the required size, enabling you to create a shed that has the exact measurements you want. In order to create a secure way of positioning the shed in the ground, you’ll need to purchase some corner posts that the pallets can be attached to.

Creating a barn from pallets is not only cost-effective in terms of budget, but it also makes better use of the resources available. This is a relatively straightforward process to follow, and you’ll end up with a solid shed that will last many years.

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